Imperialism Cambree Sanford

Definition: a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.

Imperialism is when a stronger country imposes and takes over the land, economy, politics, or culture of a weaker country.


1. An example of Imperialism would be when a country has it's own government but is being controlled by another country. This has happened when the British established control over Nigeria and the Niger River Delta.

2. Imperialism also happens when one country had control over the production of a product that supports another countries economy. This has happened with the U.S. controlling rubber production in Liberia.

3. Imperialism can also occur with colonization. This has happened with the French and British Colonies in America during the 1700s. Also, the French colony of Somaliland in East Africa between 1883 and 1967.

4. Imperialism happens when a foreign country takes direct rule over the other country with no native control. France did this with Vietnam, Morocco, and Algeria.


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