Symbolism of corduroy pants Karissa garay 4th period

Amir and Hassan will never be the same, Amir's self image, future, and memories will never be the same. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a drama or coming of age book that not only tells the story of Amir but many other's. The symbolism of the brown corduroy pants develops throughout the story by changing Amir. He became not only from feeling as if he had "power" to being a coward at the time when needed most, but pushes Hassan away, changes his self image and learns how to bury the secret within him throughout the story. Not only that but he learns he can finally make the situation right.

Amir liked to feel as if he had a "sense of power" over Hassan. Hassan did everything for Amir, after school they had a routine that allowed Amir to read stories to Hassan, but stopped because he was "becoming smarter" than Amir. "I read him poems and stories, sometimes riddles though i stopped reading those when i saw he was far better at solving them than i was". Amir felt as if he was losing the little "power" he had over Hassan and didn't want that to change. Later on in the book Hassan goes through a miserable experience. It shows how much if a coward Amir really is because all he could do was watch and weep. "...there was two thing amid the garbage that I couldn't stop looking at; one was the blue kite resting against the wall, close to the east-iron stove; the other was Hassan's brown corduroy pants thrown on a heap of eroded bricks"..." I ran because i was a coward". Amir sees the thing that is most important to him. The kite, but he also sees Hassan's brown corduroy pants thrown to the side. Amir no longer had any power he was afraid. Blinded in fear but was able to watch the terrifying scenario happen. Amir not only lose all "power" that day, but was also proven a coward.

Amir never asked Hassan about the day it happened, seeing the pants were the one thing that was gonna change him forever. He saw himself as a monster and is filled with an enormous amount of guilt. Amir felt sick to his stomach at the thought of what happened that night. Not only did Amir become sick of the thought but he also saw himself as a monster and became insomniac. "Please pull over Baba I said. What? Getting sick i muttered"..." i closed my eyes, turned my face to the sun. Little shapes formed a single image; Hassan's brown corduroy pants discarded on a pile of old bricks in the alley". Amir tends to get sick of the thought of the night Hassan got raped, he can't keep himself together for it and its a thought that will never leave his mind. Amir has a self image of himself as a monster that dragged down Hassan because he could not stop thinking about that horrific night. "There was a monster in the lake. It had grabbed Hassan by the ankles , dragged him to the murky bottom. i was that monster" Amir becomes an insomniac that night the guilt was getting to him and he could not stop it.

Towards the end of the book Amir feels as if he can make things right again. by helping Hassan's son Sohrab. Amir discovers that the Taliban man that has Sohrab is the same man that raped Hassan many years ago (Assef). Amir tries to fight the guilt that he has felt for many years and is now ready to confront it to help Sohrab escape from Assef because he he believes that he is sexually abusing Sohrab. Amir believes he can make things better as long as he can get Sohrab and rescue him from the Taliban man. As Rahim Kham put it, "it is his way to be good again". Amir takes Sohrab back to America with him to try and keep him safe and wants him to live with Amir and his wife. Sohrab says nothing for awhile but eventually get's curious and asked about San Fransisco. Later on Sohrab ends up going with them and Amir does everything in his power to try and keep him safe and protect him even form the obscure "insults" given by General Taheri.

The impact the corduroy pants made in the novel really affect Amir in many different way in the book they help him realize many different things and how much of betrayal it was to Hassan. It helps Amir realize that it was time for him to face and accomplish his fears. This can connect to many people by showing that with even the hardest struggles in life with many obstacles and many challenges never forgetting your past can be a good thing. It can be something that can impact you life decisions later on and can maybe even help someone else in the process.


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