Week 6 term 1a

We have spent a lot of time talking about this book. We looked carefully at the front cover, and made predictions. Some thought the child might be starting school, some thought the woman was leaving a different country. Others were unsure where it was set. It made for. A great discussion, we used the word refugee as our word of the day.

Working as a team, listening and taking turns. Great job Year 1.

In key skills we talked about number recognition. We realised that in many situations we ‘just knew’ the number. We recognised the patterns, particularly on dice. We were much quicker at subtilising by the end of the session. We had to use our eyes and brain before the number appeared on the screen.

Using our knowledge of 2d and 3D shapes to make models and make the different faces from 3D shapes.

We also started our work on length and height. We looked at the PowerPoint and made comparisons. I was impressed with the discussions and the reasoning. It is not as easy as it looks. We used accuracy, some of the objects were not level, and started in different positions.

It’s amazing where we come come.