5 ways to use colour of the year 2018 Violet and orange


So here I am again! How are you today? Do you feel you learnt a lot during these days? Have you studied the colour wheel? Does it make more sense now? Please do not forget to share your colour combinations with us. I am very very curious how you getting on.

Today' we are having a look at the secondary colours: violet, orange and green Yes, I know what you are thinking right now.

Orange?? Green?? Not again!

But me saying, oh yes! You will be surprised how well these colours look next to each other, and guess what if you show it to your clients in the right content, they will even gonna go for it ;) And that is a promise!

Let's start with some inspirational colour palettes.


How does it look like on salon nails?

Cat eye effect and freehand painting

What are the key colours here?

Freehand painting

What are the key colours here?

How to get the look?

Great combination, right? Looking forward to seeing your violet and orange combo! Just try it once at least, you will be surprised!

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Lots of Love,

Susan xx

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