Canbury School Newsletter 5th february 2021. issue 227

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

Well one more week to go. This time next Friday you will be reading the last Newsletter of what has been another extraordinary half term. To say we are ALL exhausted is an understatement. To that end school will close for half term next Friday at the earlier time of 12.30pm. Whether your child is in school or home-learning, please either make the appropriate arrangements for how they will get home, or ensure their computer is switched OFF at lunch time.

I cannot say "thank you" enough. So I will just keep saying it. To staff who are working under conditions none of them signed up to when they took a job in education, or Canbury. To students who are, in the main, diligently getting on with their work. To parents who are looking after younger children, home-schooling, holding down jobs of their own. Never has so much been asked of any of us. Yet managing we are. There is a light at the end of this long long tunnel. We will emerge into the light together.

Assembly was funny today - Louis led a most informative presentation on notable anniversaries which fall on 5th February. He ended by telling us today is worldwide Nutella Day. Since we are a nut free school it's most fortunate we were all on-line.

Talking about managing - many of you will have received an email today regarding our having to bring forward the Mock examinations period to Monday 22nd February through to Friday 5th March. This is to enable us to fully re-open on Monday 8th March: before then we will be using all classrooms for the exam candidates.

I must say, I have loved receiving positive feedback from our families regarding how we are all managing to keep juggling all the balls up in the air. Last night I had an email from a parent thanking me for a super parents’ evening, which she said illustrated only too well how my staff had come to know her child. Whilst singling out our history teacher Mrs Littler for some extra praise, this parent re-iterated that all teachers showed enthusiasm for teaching her child, and that he clearly attended a school where “he appears to matter to everyone”. Cue me reaching for the tissues….

We were sad to hear of the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore on Tuesday, and offer our sympathies to his family. There can be no-one who hasn't heard of Captain Tom - who walked 1,000 laps of his garden this spring and in the event raised some £32 million for NHS workers and their well-being. We can all take a leaf out of his book - think of others, and know that tomorrow will be a good day. Rest in peace Captain Tom.

Finally, snow is forecast for Monday, heavy in some parts. I will take a look at the latest forecast on Sunday evening and make a decision about whether or not those children who are coming into school will be able to do so. Please keep an eye out for an email.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Year 7

Reenie for lots of great work in Mathematics, well done.

Year 8

Layla for outstanding work in Wellbeing, which looked at the analysis of the mind and how it often tells stories! Fabulous work Layla.

Freddie for improved participation in Wellbeing.

Karim and Angus for consistently excellent effort in our live workouts during Games.

Year 10

Otti for excellent descriptive writing in English.

Alannah, also for consistently excellent effort in our live workouts during Games.

Year 11

Victor for an excellent piece of extended writing in English.

Seb for being another student who consistently gives his all in the live Games workouts.

Year 12

Emily for being the Sixth Form representative of the "consistently excellent effort in live Games sessions" award. Well done.

Watch the birdy? We couldn't resist!

This week the year 7 Geographers braved the cold (or stayed inside and looked out of their windows) and noted down all of the birds they could see in 45 minutes as part of the RSPB’s national audit of our feathered friends, and what a variety of birds they saw in that time!

Brendan was lucky enough to see both blue and coal tits, sparrows, doves, goldfinches and robins.

Elizabeth (and dad!) spotted carrions, black-headed gulls, blue tits, blackbirds, wood pigeons, magpies and gold finches.

Morgan spotted pigeons, seagulls, crows, a blackbird, a couple of robins, blue tits and magpies.

Logan saw some wood pigeons.

Sam T, (who observed from his tent), saw several black-headed gulls, a sparrow, a blackbird, magpies, a song thrush (and a couple of squirrels).

William spotted some blue tits, woodpigeons and sparrows.

Sam S noted down woodpigeons, a robin, a black-headed gull, carrion crows and magpies.

Alex watched the antics of 10 crows.

Renee spotted three blackbirds, two magpies and two wood pigeons.

Matthew spied some black-headed gulls.

What a collection they saw! All of these results will be sent to the RPSB helping enable them to continue to monitor the movement and the population levels of the UK’s birds.

Children's Mental Health Week

Thank you to all the staff, students and family members who attended the events this week. We started the week with time on the mat perfecting our Yoga stances and breathing led by Ms Chorazyczewska. Then on Wednesday music knowledge was put to the test by Mrs Rich and Harry B. The winners of the quiz were Mrs Davies and family. Certificates are winging their ways to all who attended.

Apparently the Davies team consisted of people who had heard of The Beatles, and others who had heard of Rag'n'Bone man (although team members hadn't necessarily heard of both). However between them they had all bases covered!

Lastly a big thank you to the staff who encouraged talking about mental health and expressing yourself with students in form time and lessons this week. It's definitely time to keep talking about what we can do to maintain good mental health.

This was something we contributed to last week - take a look and ask yourself - "what would I put in my positivity jar?"
Mrs Forrest Gump Branney has been out and about running to keep her mental health topped up. We leave these pictures to speak for themselves.

Mr Barnes hails his creative BTEC students.

Year 12 channelled their inner Blue Peter skills this week in BTEC Sport. The aim of one of their lesson was to produce an anatomically accurate, and fully functional (almost!) synovial knee joint out of toilet roll holders, sellotape, string and a coin. It was a great effort all round from Alexander, Joe & Matt- they certainly earned their badges!

When needs must, our Year 12s can be very inventive.

Words which lift our spirits

Thank you to everyone for the lovely messages we have received. You have no idea how much better they have made staff feel. Ms Clancy shared your messages with us all.

"I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. My son hated remote learning during the summer term at his last school so I was slightly nervous for today. I needn’t have worried. He has been engaged all day long, requiring no intervention from us and is currently giggling away through one of the lessons. So thank you, you and your team have already worked wonders in terms of his confidence but today has been something of a miracle."

House News

Mr Bourgi is clearly VERY excited at the prospect of the House 'Kahoot!' challenge nest Tuesday, judging by the number of exclamation marks on his poster......

The Covid Diaries - what will you write?

We’ve all been changed by the pandemic, and hopefully the coming of Spring will herald the beginning of the end of it. In the meantime, one of our parents is working on a project currently entitled “COVID Diaries”.

The project seeks to give a voice to those most deeply affected by the pandemic, including children and young people, by telling their stories in the form of short anecdotes and observations from their time in lockdown. The idea is to publish this collection of unique, once in a lifetime, recollections and experiences.

All Canbury students are invited to take part by submitting a paragraph (a maximum of 150 words) detailing an anecdote, experience or observation of their time during the pandemic. We know there will be a very wide range of experiences – some positive and some negative, but all to ultimately reflect an extraordinary time in our history.

If you would like to take part, please email your piece for consideration (from your school account) to Ms Boggi, by Monday 22nd February – the day we return to school.

Any work chosen by the project will fully credit the students concerned, and they will be informed ahead of their inclusion. If you wish to remain anonymous, please detail that information within the email.

Clancy's Cookey Citchen morphs into cook and catch up.

(Ms) Clancy's Cookery Club was even more chaotic and noisy than usual this week. The creative cooks were "joined in the kitchen" by a VERY special guest - Ms Clancy's sister Evy, all the way from snowy Ontario in Canada! In between slicing, dicing and spicing the sisters caught up with each other. It's a wonder dinner got made at all! After the class Mrs McDonagh shared pictures with the students of her current snowy situation. We can't decide it it was in fact a Food Technology lesson or a Geography one!

Top left clockwise: Elizabeth's curry, Ms Clancy's, the sisters, snow in Ontario, Reenie's dish and the cooks on display. Cookey club resumes after half term. So next week we will tell you the ingredients and utensils needed for that class.

Birthday greetings for Saturday Rhian!

We don't usually include birthday greetings in the Newsletter (maybe we should...) but we wanted to give a special shout out to Rhian. Rhian is 16 tomorrow and will be spending the day with her horse Kiwi at the yard, where she will help with jobs before going on a birthday hack. The beautiful painting of Kiwi shown here was done by Evie. How amazing is that? Happy birthday Rhian - we hope there's a cake waiting for you at home! (Mrs Griffiths has a birthday tomorrow too - she brought in chocolate brownies. They were delicious.)