Standing on the american flag, is it really worth it? by: mike putman

theres been a challenge where people stand and stomp on the american flag and this article tells you the rights and wrongs in standing on our flag.

yes, you can- yes you can stop on our flag as is it is in your freedom of speech and that is in your rights.

no you can not- once Donald j trump gets into office he is going to pass a law to congress "if you stomp,walk,burn our flag you will get a year in prison minimum and loose your citizenship maximum.

yes, you can- your rights as a citizen you are allowed to with no punishment, i wouldn't burn our flag as many people served and had family die protecting that flag it is very disrespectful.

no you cant- recently there was a report on 9news that a colorado officer arrested a man in the act of stomping on the flag, the arrest was not made because he stomped on the flag, it was made because he assaulted a wounded us marine trying to get the flag out from under his feet

just remember the next time you burn our flag men and women lost many lives and families so you can have your rights as a us citizen.

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