Divided Spaces A Brief view of divisions in our hometowns

Visuals of divisions that we're sometimes unaware of in our own cities
Division between the poor and rich people in New York.

Last summer, I went to New York City and I realized how divided the city truly is. In fact, this Bridge is known as the Brooklyn Bridge and it demonstrates the division between the High class people in New York that work and live in Manhattan and the middle and low class people in Brooklyn.

This picture demonstrates the division in Cartagena, Colombia between the Lower class people and the Middle and High class Colombians and tourists.

This past spring break, I had the pleasure of visiting my own country, Colombia. However, I noticed something I never realized before taking this course. Colombia is a country that is extremely divided. In fact, in this picture I was visiting " La Popa" and just as I entered the church at the end of the hall there was a window where 6 children where begging for money with a stick and a plastic cup. You couldn't see the kids ,all you could see is the cup tied to a long stick coming in from the window and hear the kids begging for money. These kids are not allowed inside the building but still find ways to ask tourists for money through windows and fences that you see in the picture. This reminded me of the readings by Teresa Caldeira "Fortified Enclaves : The New Urban Segregation" , readings about the divisions in Sao Paolo ,Brazil . Cartagena is not so different in that luxury apartment buildings and hotels are being build right across the street from the poorest towns in the city.

The Images above are all pictures taken of the "Ciudad Antigua" in Cartagena,Colombia which has a barrier that only allows tourists and high class Colombians to enter and enjoy the shops.

While I was in Colombia during spring break, I visited the "Ciudad Antigua" in which there is a physical barrier surrounding the small town where only high class Colombians and tourists are allowed. In fact, I saw with my own eyes the police of Colombia escort a homeless man out of the old town by force. This just proves how divided Colombia is and how obvious it is at times. The "poor" are not happy that they are not allowed in the city , which they argue was also theres 15 years ago before the government decided to only allow tourists and high class people in it. This barrier reminded me of the situation in Jerusalem how the Israeli government doesn't let the Palestinians into what they argue was also their city .

Apartment Buildings in Hamburg ,Germany

These huge and never ending apartment buildings in Hamburg are a perfect example of how people were divided and send to live there . The interesting part is that the buildings are excluded from the Old City in Hamburg . This is very similar to the situation in Belfast and the rest of Europe with the Divis Flats project. Trying to fix overpopulation by building huge apartments and crowding with people.

These two images are well known High-schools in Miami,Florida that show the division between private and public schools.

The image on the left is Archimedean Upper Conservatory, which is the High-school in Miami, Florida. It was extremely well kept compared to Braddock High-school, the image on the right. This proves how High-schools can be divided as well by social class. The majority of people that attended Archimedean were Middle and High class people while the majority of the people that attended Braddock were lower class people. Unfortunately, this takes a big toll on education because the more money a school has the more resources it can offer to the students. This proves that education can be a chain reaction and that lower class students are put in situations where it's more difficult for them to strive and be successful because they don't have the tools needed to be thrive.

Visuals of undivided spaces that we experience in our day to day lives
Fusion between all different levels of class in Shands Hospital, Gainesville Florida.

Shands Hospital is the perfect example in which many people from different types of cultures, social class and races are accepted and welcomed. These people gather unexpectedly in a hospital, but when both sides are hurting or suffering for a sick family member they sympathize and sometimes come together and support each other . I personally have watched two moms in Miami support each other while both their kids were in surgery . One was white and the other Arabic.

Downtown Gainesville, Florida. Unity between the lower class and high class of people that work and live in Gainesville.

Downtown Gainesville, Florida welcomes different types of social class and cultures. In fact, I've seen lower class people have conversations with high class people. Also, I've never seen a police escort a homeless out of the area in comparison to the "Ciudad Antigua" as I mentioned before.

The combination of people of different races and classes during a Spring Game in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Gainesville Florida.

This picture was taken during a Spring Game at the University of Florida. This game is completely free and allows a variety of races, culture, and social class people to attend the game without any issues. Truthfully, this is what I consider as the most united because no one is discriminated. In fact, this is what the Gator nation is made up of, an amalgamation of different people and not one person is left out. White, black, hispanic, Indian , Chinese , Arabic everyone comes together as one nation to support each other.

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