Atoll Tim Wisniewski

An Atoll is a ring shaped reef or island.

  1. Starts as a water volcano
  2. An Atoll surrounds a lagoon
  3. Hermatypic corals form the atoll because of the limestone it produces
  4. The Kon Tiki sunk because of an Atoll
  5. The limestone from the corals change the water color from blue to light teal

The raft didn't stand the atoll attack


Created with images by 3dman_eu - "maldives island blue" • - "The entire Wake Island/Atoll, as viewed from above" • easyrab - "dall'idrovolante" • USFWS Headquarters - "Chromis reef fish and staghorn coral at Palmyra Atoll NWR" • James St. John - "Castle Geyser (14 August 2010) 37" • malfet_ - "Coral reef" • edaugh - "Brenna & Eric European trip 2011 453" • Sarah_Ackerman - "Flying Over Reethi Rah"

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