The fur trade Of the 1700s

When Jacque Cartier first Landed in the new world. (Canada) he was hoping to find gold but he found riches but not what he was looking for he came to Canada to find lots of fish and fur and many other rich resources.

He made early contact with the indigenous peoples and they traded. they mainly traded fur and weapons and some other stuff. The fur and pelts that the indigenous peoples traded are the fur from otter, mink, marten, and fox.

The Europeans traded there tools and pots as well as liquor. The fur that the indigenous peoples traded whereused to make fancy clothes and hats for the European peoples.

Beaver fur hats

Later around the 1600s the demand for braver pelts or fur went up because of the fancy hats that they can make. As The increasing demand for The beaver pelts went up it sent a new explorer to the woods of Canada to trade with the native tribes. Other companies financed fur trading expeditions. Somewhere in the 1608s Champlain gathered all the companies into one organization it was a company of a hundred associates.

Hudson Bay company

Later they made a permanent company in Quebec.

The early french fur traders explored and mapped the Great Lakes area and the Mississippi River system. And the other early English fur traders was manly run by the Hudson Bay company, established in the 1670s. Then later somewhere in the 18th century a rival large fur trade company the northwest company and was located in Montreal.

The end!


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