Canada.vs.the World by Arooj Asim

Canada Data Collection


Natural resources


Iron Ore



many more

nickel,cropper ,lead, rare earth elements, molybdenum, potash ,silver, fish, wildlife, coal, natural gas, hydropower

Land Use

Agriculture land 6.8%
Arable land: 4.7%
permanent crops: 0.5%
permanent pasture land: 1.6%
forests: 34.1%

others: 59.1 %

Natural Hazards

Cyclonic storms from the east of rocky mountains are caused by permafrost in north and are resulting air mass mixing
Volcanism: Large Majority of Volcanoes in the Western Canadian coast mountains remain dormant

Environmental issues

Current issues

Car emission, smelting metal and coal burning impacting
Agricultural and forest air pollution and acid rain severely affecting lakes and damaging forests;
ocean waters becoming contaminated due to agricultural, and forestry activities

People and society

Population : 35,362,905 (July 2016 est.)

Age structure/Dependency

Population growth rate: 0.74% (2016 est.): 146th in the world
Urbanization population :81.8% (2015) rate of urbanization 1.22%(2010-2015)
(Est .2016) 19 th in the world in comparison
Total fertility rate: 1.6 children born/woman (2016 est.)

183 in the world comparison

Health expenditures:10.4% of GDP (2014)

15 th in the world


Gross domestic product (GDP)
Unemployment rate
Population below poverty line: 9.4%

Exports in 2016 were estimated to be $402.4 billion and in 2015 as being $411 billion

Exports - commodities
External debt
External Debt :$1.608 trillion (31 March 2016 est) $1.55 trillion (31 March 2015 est.) 14th in world comparison


Fixed lines

total subscriptions: 15.902 million

subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 45 (July 2015 est.)

17 th in the world comparison

Mobile Cellular

total: 29.39 million

subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 84 (July 2015 est.)

44 th country in the world

Internet users

Total number of user: 31.053 million

88.5% of the population (est.2015)

How Canada is perceived around the world?

Here are some thoughts from different Nationalities:

  • Canada is bathed in a glow as rosy as the leaf upon its flag.
  • Canada is linked to Slovenia's as having family there
  • "Every cab has uncle in Vancouver and is sure that everyone must know each other ."
  • Netherlands refer to Canada as European version of America
  • Are Attracted to the "down to earth Canadian spirit
  • Many locals play dumb if approached by American but if a Canadian is the one asking the door open quickly
  • "Canada has an American president, only interested in the economy and ignorant of anything else, and America has a Canadian president.So images are definitely changing; some Dutch people fear that this beautiful Canada will soon be one big oil field."
  • Slovakia know nothing about Canada since Slovakia's never hear about Canada on news
  • Viewed as "being better than United states"
  • Canada is country with a positive image
  • Doesn't interfere in matters that don't concern it
United States
  • Americans like Canadians more than anyone else in the world.
  • Americans know little about Canada
  • The days of a "special relationship" between Canada and america is gone
  • Americans can learn so much from Canada, especially in terms of public schools, health care.
  • Canada is the more experimental nation, one that bears watching by the rest of the world, and by Americans.
  • A country that has had two near-death experiences in the Quebec referendums of 1980 and 1995, Canada has also undergone its own rights revolution since the birth of the Charter in 1982. Most recently, the resurgence of aboriginal rights, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the mercurial Idle No More movement all attract the interest of American students of Canada.
  • Image of the country just being up north has changed
  • Developed its identity in the academic world and is being studied by people around the world
  • Is no longer just the "country to the North of the USA"
  • Canada became of prime interest and importance in the scholarly and academic world.
  • Canada is in downsided against the USA and other Western countries and cannot afford to be "penny wise" and short-sighted in its struggle to be recognized for what it is.
  • a free and democratic country with a good economy and polite people.
  • Canada was omitted from the syllabus of comparative politics as because it was country without influential political system or foreign policy
  • Known as ac critic of China's human rights issues.
  • Canada can further engage in defending fundamental rights like freedom, justice and democracy in the world
  • Canada known for very positive image
  • Canada was know as a dull "wheat exporter" decades ago but now a much more diverse country. The curriculum about Canada focuses on Chinese immigrants, bilingualism and multiculturalism, which is perceived as the best, if not perfect, choice to solve problems of ethnic conflicts and social harmony.
  • Canadian multiculturalism will be very significant for the increasingly diverse world today, which is shown with cultural contact and exchange.
  • Today the picture is changing and there seems to be greater optimism with respect to making connections in different spheres, especially with a large Indian diaspora in Canada.
  • The renewed interest through diaspora business in Canada made caused a issues with the Indians in Canada.
  • That the political relationship between the Canada and Indian will move to a higher level, with greater emphasis on economic development.
  • the second oldest federal democracy worldwide, an important member of the G7 and G20 group, and as one of the biggest global producers of energy and natural resources.
  • Canada has also been considered an international actor.
  • The current government seems to have shifted its foreign policy to national rather than international concerns.
  • based on an image of Canada as a self-assured country no longer needing to be studied internationally.
  • Seen as a model for a immigrant society with many different voices and multiple forms of cultural expression and also the native people.
United kingdom
  • Canada is quickly dismissed in the British mindset, but hearing Canadian voices points us towards other ways of living and seeing things.
  • The outlook is particularly bleak, which is seriously threatening the understanding the meaning of literature to contemporary society more generally.
  • The image of Canada is that a postmodern country which, although quite young, rich in history, and also has influenced major historical events in the 20th century.
  • Entity which has bravely faced its national ghosts that have been haunting it and which has been transforming its national identity.
  • Canada is a country of immigrants and with many with people from many different religions.
  • Canada is so important in Latin America and especially in Venezuela, in order to get a democracy and freedom.
  • Canada's Parliament has given attention to the political prisoners' wives and their testimonies about the violence and lack of human rights in Venezuela.
  • Canada has a role as a peacemaker in Latin America in general.
  • Many Venezuelans have gone to study, to work, or moved to Canada in the past 10 years. Students are taught that Canada is the country of active multiculturalism.
Northern Ireland
  • Engaging how Canada could help post-conflict Northern Ireland move towards a better quality of life. Learnt from Canadian policies on integration, immigrant settlement and equality. Helped Ireland vastly .
  • Canada as shared its benefits well, but today Canada's image overseas is diminishing badly.
  • Canada not seen as a lesson for Professors, students and publics .
  • overdue to think again about how Canada meets the world.
  • Canada's policies on climate change, renewable energy, water sanitation and consumption, are followed by the Mexican authorities as an example to follow.
  • Canadian government has provided help in building a strong international community of Canadianists. however, with the budget cuts to Mexican.
  • The study of Canada studies has declined.
  • There is the need for new strategies in order to form the new generation of Canadianists that help the world face challenges.


Canada's biggest strength

Canada's biggest strength is its diversity and immigration, having welcomed people from all different religions and countries and also helping people who don't have a place to call home people like refugees.and give place to these people in Canada As said by many different people of many different nationalities "Canadian multiculturalism will be very significant for the increasingly diverse world today, which witnesses more and more cultural contact, conflict and exchange"which is helping other countries improve the way that the other countries treat people also welcoming others.Other Countries look at Canada as leader for helping resolve the conflict of multiculturalism and letting immigrants into other countries.Also has improved the population of Canada is 39th in the world population.Has changed how others see Canada not as a "know as a dull "wheat exporter" decades ago but now a much more diverse country. The curriculum about Canada focuses on Chinese immigrants, bilingualism and multiculturalism, which is perceived as the best, if not perfect, choice to solve problems of ethnic conflicts and social harmony."

Canada's biggest weakness?

Canada's biggest weakness has become its economy because comparing the growth rate of GDP in past 3 years it has decreased and slowed down from being 2.5%in 2014 to in 2015 1.1%and in 2016 being increased a little but not that much that it could help.Exports earning also has dropped from being $411 billion in 2015 Exports and in 2016 were estimated to be $402.4 billion has decreased by 8.6 billions dollars in just the past year even though it has decreased there is a boost of sales but not making the money as they used to because the lower price of the Canadian dollar.Even if the exports are high it will still cause a shortage of Domestic products in Canada and making goods expensive for Canadians


Canada's most concerning issue is Environmental issue which is air pollution because it has caused serious affects on the country and is continuing to affect it.Also because it can cause acid rains and affect to the waters of the country which can affect the wildlife and which in turn Affects the natural resources of the country and the trade.In recent year, it has caused forest fire and affect the lives of many Canadians and has also had cause the the Gross Domestic Product and the Economy in general to decline.If nothing is done then can serious affect how Canada is perceived by the world and if the other countries will want to follow Canada if there is serious crisis that would take place from the issue of air pollution

Why should Canadian's be proud of their country ?

There are many things of why Canadians should proud of Canada firstly, being known as "the biggest global producers of energy and natural resources," resources from timber to fish that can be sold to other countries that may not have these resources Secondly,would be the justice and freedom that the country provides to everyone ,that everyone has a right no matter what and that the people have the right to fight for what is just like it the country has done in the past fought for all these freedoms " in the Quebec referendums of 1980 and 1995, also undergone its own rights revolution since the birth of the Charter in 1982. Most recently, the resurgence of aboriginal rights, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.", also how it has helped other countries citizens to get freedom like in "Venezuela, the parliament of Canada has provided attention to political prisoners of wives and their testimonies and the lack of human rights there".Thirdly,being that the country tries to help others as much as it can and in anyway ,shape or form it can whether it is providing people place live or to helping people in other countries.Finally, Being proud that all other countries look at Canada as a country that these countries want to learn from and teach about Canada in these countries like in Britain using" Canadian poets for literature or just even Canadian literature itself" , build laws off of Canadian justice systems an the rights provide in Canada and use Canada's methods.

Canada "better off " compared to other countries or not?

In someways Canada is" better off" than other countries but in otherways it may not be like for example it is better off in natural resources which makes more money come into the country and having money to spend on providing healthcare to its citizens.Also better off because of its GDP last year of being $1.674 trillion (2016 .est)and the GDP per capita of being $46,200 (2016 est.) which comparison to other countries in the world was 32th .Canada is above than some countries and "better off" than some countries but also below some countries and less" better off" than some countries.Having revenues and taxes of38.8% of GDP (2016 est.) which Canada was 40th Which shows that the country has money and resources and is better compared some countries.Canada also has a large amount of External debt compared to other countries which shows that they are struggling a little bit.

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