"George Washington Spymaster How The Americans Out Spied The British And Won The Revolutionary War" By Thomas B. Allen November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"Patriots called them Tories, an old British word for supporters of loyal power." (p.19)

Based on context clues, the word "tories" means supporters of British power.

"British officers would not allow him a Bible or a visit from a clergyman." (p. 42)

The context clues helped me understand that the word "clergyman" means an ordained Christian.

"Like Washington, Tallmadge had no espionage training and had to learn on the job." (p. 51)

Based on the context clues, the word "espionage" means the act of spying.

"In his manuscript about the war, he only said, 'I opened a private correspondence with some persons in New York....' " (p. 52)

The clues in the text helped me understand that the word "manuscript" means a writing.

"The 'Fashionable clothier' picked up intelligence tidbits from British officers getting their uniforms fitted in his shop." (p. 59)

These context clues, informed me that the word "tidbit" means news or gossip.

"Washington even suggested that Hunter tell the British case officer that he got the information because American officers 'are very incautious in speaking of the strength of their regiments' " (p. 61)

Based on the clues in the text, "regiments" means ground troops.

"As he described it, his ink 'would elude the generally known means of detection, and yet could be rendered visible by a suitable counterpart.' " (p. 69)

The details from this sentences informs me that the word "elude" means to escape or detection.

"More than 5,000 Hessians deserted during the war, thanks in part to Franklin's propaganda." (p. 79)

These context clues helped me understand that the word "propaganda" means information, ideas, or rumors.

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