The Road Less Travelled By Project Hope

The Road Less Traveled

2012 | Hip-hop

“Fight for today & fight for tomorrow, we don’t need no leaders to stand & follow.”


  • In the Writer’s own words: “The Inspiration was my disgust with war and where the world is headed. People are so stuck in the group think mentality and how things are and I wanted people to start thinking for themselves and unifying as free people rather than as products of the state (or crown). Bottom line I was trying to wake people up. If you notice on the video, my hat says "terrorist", that was because the government was labeling people like ourselves as terrorists etc. So I used it as shock value to start the conversation. I hope that helps anything else you need let me know.
  • The producer and director for the song and video was a good friend of Jason’s who passed away named Benjamin "big shot" H Cruz.


Luke Tatum

This song is a real earworm. Simple, killer groove. Most importantly, though: It's a groove that us looking towards a better tomorrow. Love it. "Leaving the ignorant standing there baffled." That's something we can all relate to, is it not? There's a certain system of checks we have ot initiate in order to see where people we talk to are at. You can't just say "Well, I'm an anarchist." Right? That ends badly. Instead, there's a subtle give and take. "Oh, it sounds like you don't trust the government to regulate healthcare!" And you let them talk. "See, I agree with you. I also like to apply that same principle to..." and the further along you can go without hearing a ridiculous statist talking point, the better. I'm all for unity and standing up against our leaders, etc. But it's also worth remembering that people hate the state for all kinds of reasons, and not all of them are compatible with liberty.

Sherry Voluntary

I’m not very fond of this song. While I appreciate the effort, I feel it needs a lot of polish, and I think some of the lyrics are a bit naive, and full of common platitudes that don’t really mean anything real. “If we rise today we can overcome. Standing side by side we can take them down.” Who is the “we?” Who is gonna stand side by side with whom? Once you take them down, what then? “Get back to the constitution?!” Something I wish more libertarians would really grasp is that “the right” is no better than “the left” and they are not your allies. Whoever you stand side by side with in a violent revolution, (See The Sherry Voluntary Show episode on violent revolution to learn more.), good luck not being the next targets of their authoritarianism. I hate to be so cynical, but I’m really tired of all the big talk with no real thought as to what worse situation you might be getting everyone in to.

Nicky P

Sherry makes an interesting point. Libertarianism is often misconstrued as a political ideology that reveres the individual to the detriment of the whole. Technically that's Randian Objectivism and she hated libertarians. We would argue perhaps that the best thing for society as a whole is to respect the individual. We simply eschew collectivism...at least until it’s time to take direct action and we’re trying to herd individuals to take a prescriptive action. What do we mean exactly? I’m not sure I have an answer but it’s worth keeping in mind for sure.

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Nicky P

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