Take a Photo Outside I took this right outside of the school. i wanted to make the blue jay staue the center of my focus as well.

Against wall: im having my subject sitting on the bench while he buries his face into his hands. i moved to the wall and focused the camera mainly on him.
Without Flash: I used my subject looking puzzled in the hallway. Without Flash makes it look like its gloomy and that expresses his emotion even better.
With Flash: I had my subject sit on the wall by the JROTC room and i used the flash. i put it in portrait mode too and it makes it better that he has a little grin on his face.
Away From Wall: My subject is closer to the wall than he looks he was on one end of the wall while i was more by the windows. i captured him in this pose.
Natural Light From Window: For this I had my subject stand by the library windows to use the natural light. it was gloomy that day so its not that bright.
Use the Subjects Environment: My subject (like any other teenager) like loud, obnoxious stuff and the place with the most loud and obnoxious stuff would be the scene shop in the school. My subject was climbing down the ladder while i took this.
My Choice: I decided to use the old ways we took pictures and used repetition with a little bit of selective focus. i even used away from wall.
My Choice: I decided to have my subject sit in the scene shop on the second floor while his feet hang off. I used the style from J Coles album 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

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