Why a future 8th grader should choose this experience to understand how the legacy of ancient China is evident today Maxwell Resnick

Why should a future 8th grader choose this experience in order to understand how the legacy of ancient China is evident today?

Every culture in the world has different rituals. It is hard to compare these cultures because they have such different lifestyles. However, all cultures have food that is unique to their country. An experience such as eating Dim Sum in Chinatown in an authentic restaurant gave insight into Chinese heritage. It showed me the beliefs of Hanfei, Laozi, and Confucius. It gave me knowledge on very important customs in China. It gave me a brief glance on what it was like having a meal in China.

This is a picture of a dumpling at Dim Sum

What does the experience you chose demonstrate about the legacy of ancient China?

There were a lot of very interesting customs in China. There were plenty of rules at the table that are important to obey by or else you are being disrespectful. Some of these rules are

  • You can’t stick your chopsticks up straight in your rice. This symbolizes death. When someone dies you stick your chopsticks up in your rice to show respect. It is very disrespectful if you do it otherwise.
  • You may not point the spout of the teapot directly at another person sitting at the dinner table. This shows a lot of disrespect and causes astonishment among all the people sitting at the table.
  • It is polite for the youngest member to serve the table in age order, going from oldest to youngest. By serve I mean pouring tea and putting food on the plate of everyone at the table.

This demonstrates the legacy of China because it shows customs that are passed down from generation to generation.

The spout of the teapot is faced away from everyone at the table

How does the experience relate to Chinese religions and the beliefs of Confucius, Laozi, and Hanfei?

Dim Sum relates to Confucius, Laozi, and Hanfei’s beliefs because they show ways of life from the past affecting modern life. Even though there isn't a huge connection between what they believed and my experience at Dim Sum, the idea of having ancient beliefs still being present is very related. The tradition of not sticking your chopsticks up in your rice dates back many centuries ago yet is still present every time people in China are having a meal. Confucius believed in a harmonious society based off of relationships. The youngest one at the table always must serve the rest because he has a respectful relationship with them. He respects his elders and one day in the future people will be serving and respecting him. The Confucian way of life is still present in China.

This is a Phoenix. The female symbol
This is a dragon. The male symbol.

What was the food like at Dim Sum?

The food was wonderful! I loved it! My favorite was the fried shrimp wrapped in seafood. If you don't like seafood though that's okay, they have wonderful pork dumplings. The tea there is so fresh and so amazing. If you ever have the opportunity you must attempt this fun, life-changing experience!

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