Tristan Stetina PHOTOGRAPHY 1

Rule of Thirds

This photo utilizes the rule of thirds and creates a scenic view. The first thing that you see is the white fence post because of the vantage point I used. The trees and the field take up about ⅔ of the photo. The rest of the photo is very mesmerizing by itself.

Leading Lines

I choose this photo because it has a good vantage point and it uses leading lines. The first thing that you see is the lines on the table then your eye follow the lines up to Cadee. Then you can notice the background and how pretty the sky is. There are a lot of shades of blue and white in the sky.


I used the picture of Garrett because the contrast is turned way down. The sun was out when we were taking the pictures and it was hard to see his face. I also turned the shadow down and it made his jacket really pop out. The texture of the picture is another thing thing that I admired in it. The vantage point that I used made the picture perfect.


My portrait picture i chose the picture of Garrett because I had a great vantage point. I used the clone tool to get rid of some stuff in the background and on the light post. I also put some highlights in his hair and i also cleared up his face. I also cropped the picture so that you see Garrett and focus on him. This picture uses bright and vibrant colors.


I choose the picture of the blue flower because it is a beautiful color of blue. How I took the picture makes the flower look like its huge in real life. The flower had a bunch of grass behind the picture and I blurred that stuff out so the the flower stands out. And the blue on the green makes it stand out.

Still Life

I choose the picture of the tractor in the grass because it makes it look like the tractor is actually out in a field. The reason that it looks the way it does is because of the vantage point that I used.it makes It look like the tractor is out in a field in Texas and getting ready to harvest some wheat. I had to lie on the ground to get the picture. I choose this picture because it looks real even though its a bunch of toys. I enjoyed doing this project it was my favorite project that we have done.

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Tristan Stetina

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