How to build my bridge By Drew Schlipman


Popsicle sticks (over 250)

Elmer's glue

Paper clips


Rubber bands

Water bottles

Tissue boxes


Steps 1-3 (didn't have enough sticks to do the whole thing)
  1. Get a yardstick and lay sticks down on the side of the yard stick side by side with ends touching, as far as 35 inches
  2. Put a line of glue across the top of the sticks
  3. Get more sticks and line the middle of each stick with the space in between 1 stick and the stick next to it. Then glue them on top of the line of sticks like I explained.
  4. Do steps 1-3 3 more times making 4 lines of sticks
  5. Let the line of sticks dry overnight
  6. Make 18 triangles with no bottom with the bottom being the length of a popsicle stick
  7. Place one line of sticks on the table and another line of sticks 1 sticks length up then glue 9 triangles across those 2 lines of sticks
  8. Do step 6 with the other 2 lines of sticks
Example of triangle


  1. Make 6 triangles with no bottom
  2. Add water bottles in between the 2 sides with rubber bands keeping the 2 sides up do you can work on the top
  3. Glue the triangles on the top making the bottom ends overlapping
An example of part of the top


  1. Do the same as the top for the bottom

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