Dolittle A review on the 2020 'Dolittle' movie

Released in 2020, Dolittle, directed by Stephen Gaghan, is the newest cinematic adaptation of the classic story of Dr. Dolittle.

Dolittle stars Robert Downey Jr. in the lead role as Dr. Dolittle, and features many other familiar names, such as Tom Holland, Emma Thompson, and John Cena.

Familiar actors, such as Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Emma Thompson, and John Cena, are featured in this movie, and pictured here.

The story follows Dr. Dolittle, who can speak to animals, as well as heal them. After the death of his wife, he shuts himself in his estate with his animal companions, until he receives a message that the Queen of England is gravely ill, and that he has been ordered, as one of the best doctors, to come heal her. If he does not save her, his estate, animals, and reputation is in danger.

The animals, and a boy whom he makes his apprentice, help Dolittle on the perilous journey to find the necessary medicine and to rediscover his passion for healing.

The movie shares an inspiring message, as the animals not only help him on the journey, but also through his grief and reluctancy. The overall message that comes from this is that Dolittle found his abilities to heal were best when he shared them with others; the movie makes this message clear, and it is delivered through a series of events in the plot.

The movie was also successful in other areas, such as graphics, plot, characterization, and scenery.

I do believe, however, that it was not as successful in casting for the role of Dolittle. Robert Downey Jr. was too soft-spoken and difficult to understand; his voice and disposition as an actor did not fit the eccentric character of Dolittle well.

Despite a stumble in the area of casting and acting, this movie overall takes viewers on a whimsical journey through a magical land and teaches the importance of helping and sharing with others and helping yourself.