Holden's playlist Matthew Preall per.2

This song describes Holden's sadness that he struggles to express towards the loss of his 11 year old brother Allie. Holden wrote a poem about his little brothers baseball mitt and how Allie wrote on it so "he'd have something to read while he was in the field"(Salinger 38). The song states "We're screaming inside" like Holden and how he attempts to show his emotions about the pain of his loss. He goes into to such detail of his brother and ends quite abruptly by stating "he's dead now" which show a lack of subtlety towards the situation. Holden later describes breaking all the windows in his garage out of grief and frustration showing how he was unable to manifest his feelings through words but rather channeled into violence.

Holden's fear of growing up is quite evident through the novel and it shows the uncertainty that Holden faces as he progresses to mature. For example Holden is unable to have relations with Sunny and has to come up with the excuse of him having just had surgery on his "clavichord" (Salinger 96). He is worried of doing such an adult thing he must lie to get out of it because he was more "depressed than sexy" (Salinger 96). In the song it says "I have no idea" which shows uncertainty faced by Holden as he barrels towards adulthood. So many things throughout Holden's life have made him fear his progression in age.

At the beginning the the novel Holden has a talk with old Spencer and receives a lecture about how he should take his education seriously. In this Holden is reluctant to listen Spence due to him being uncomfortable due to Spence's current condition. Spence tells him "life is a game, boy. Life is a game one plays according to the rules." (Salinger 8). Holden of course fakes it to seem like he is actually taking in the message but he does not concern himself with the lecture. He does not care due to his impending expulsion from Pencey he is only concerned with getting out his lecture.


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