5 Scotland (a small but great country !)

The map of the British Isles

Scotland is ...

.... famous ....

... all over the world (= everywhere in the world) ....

... for its ...

... beautiful landscapes !

Of course, Scotland has the most famous lake in the world ...

Loch Ness is the largest lake of the British Isles !

If you go to Loch Ness, you will visit a museum ( http://www.lochness.com/ ) and you will learn about the monster ( Nessie ) ! Loch Ness is the most famous lake in the world ! Many tourists visit the lake every year. They come from everywhere in the world. Why ? Because they want to see Nessie !

In 1932, a man took a photo of Nessie in the lake. This photo went in all the newspapers all over the world. The photo became the most famous photo of the monster. The "Loch Ness monster" legend was born ! This photo was a hoax.

Steve Feltham, the Nessie specialist !

  • Steve Feltham lives near Loch Ness. In 1991, he decided to watch the lake to see Nessie. He spends his time watching the lake !
  • He is not really sure if he saw Nessie or not, but he saw bizarre things two or three times on the lake ...
  • His web site tells all about him !
  • Do YOU believe in Nessie ?

Scotland's haunted castles: the most famous in the world !

Do you believe in ghosts ? There are many haunted castles in Scotland ! Would you like to sleep in a haunted castle in Scotland ?

One famous Scottish speciality: the Highlands Games !!!!

  • When did the Highland Games begin ? You will find the answer if you select, right click and open in a new window the next address:
  • http://www.scotland.org/whats-on/scotlands-festivals/highland-games/highland-games-did-you-know

Golf: a Scottish invention ????

  • Apparently, people played golf in 1297 in ........ the Netherlands !!!
  • But today's game of golf on a 18-hole course was created in Scotland.
  • Look on the map: it indicates the golf courses you can practice on in Scotland.

Two more specialities: haggis and whiskies !

Was whisky born in Scotland or in Ireland ? Nobody knows for sure ! 

Watch this video about Scotland ! (4.16)

Hello ! I am the local Scottish cow ! Do you like me ?
  • Scotland's most famous specialities are Nessie, whiskeys, haunted castles, Highland Games and haggis.
  • Do you think Loch Ness is more interesting than the Highland Games ?
  • Do yo think playing golf is better than sleeping in a haunted castle ?
  • What is more interesting : watching Loch Ness for Nessie or visiting a whiskey distillery ?
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