Themes of The Book Thief by: Kyle kuklinski

Theme 1: People Perserver

People will always survive
"In the basement of 33 Himmel Street, Max Vandenburg could feel the fists of the entire nation. One by one they climbed into the ring and beat him down." (Zusak 190)

This quote supports my theme of people persevere in many ways. First of all, Max Vandenburg or "Maxi Taxi" is a fighter and the Jew Boy living in the Hubermann's basement, and everyday is a struggle. This quote is stating how the hate of the nation is "beating him down" by how they're treating people of his kind, the Jewish, and how it is affecting him. And even through all of the "fists beating him down," Max Vandenburg still perseveres through all the pain and survives.

In this article about Riley Quinn, a student who was born without a hand and forearm, we see how he perseveres through his difficulties to succeed. In the article we learn at the final game, Riley Quinn, with only one arm, makes the final tackle leading to a victory for the team. This article relates to my perseverance theme because we see a High School football player going through hard times, and he still makes it through to success.

Theme 2: People have two personalities, a home and a public personality.

"I was being Jesse Owens." (Zusak 58)

As seen in Part One, The Jesse Owens incident we see that Rudy was pretending to be Jesse Owens in what he thought was an empty track field. This supports my theme because Rudy had two personalities. In public Rudy was seen as a "Perfect Aryan," so much so that the government even tried to recruit him into a special training program. But, deep inside what other people didn't see is he had the free mind spirit of an Olympic track sprinter.

Jared Fogle is a perfectly-horrible example that supports my theme of people have two personalities, one at home, and one in public. Jared Fogle was the spokesperson for Subway and well known nationwide. Jared Fogle portrayed the idea of his strong beliefs of getting people healthy through advertising a healthy product with the only goal of helping people. Nationwide, people saw Jared Fogle as a person who wants American citizens to be healthy. But, at home and in private, Jared Fogle is a horrible person. Jared is serving 15 years in prison for doing horrible things. Jared Fogle is an example of how people can seem one way, but deep down are the horrible opposite.

Theme 3: Friendships endure

Friends are forever

"Liesel couldn't help herself. There was the trace of a grin on her face as she and Rudy Steiner, her best friend, handed out the pieces of bread on the road." (Zusak 440)

In this portion of the story, an enduring friendship is shown. When Liesel went to place bread for the Jews on their road to Dachau concentration camp, her best friend Rudy went along with her. Together they placed bread on the road risking their lives so that the marching Jews could have some bread to eat. This is an example of friendships enduring because Rudy accompanied his best friend Liesel during a risky time so that he could be there for her. All in all, Rudy and Liesel's friendship will endure for a long time because of their experiences together.

In this video clip we saw a hurt dog, Lucy who is unable to move from the center of the train tracks. Right next to her by her side, her loyal best friend Panda is by her side. This example supports my theme of friendships endure because even though Lucy is laying in a dangerous place, her best friend Panda is right there by her side through difficult times. This shows that their friendship endures even through the roughest of times.

Summative Theme: Friendships endure

This is my best friend Christopher Johnson Anthony the Third, our friendship has endured.


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