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Who Do I Want Work For?

As a dream job or best described, my future job is going to be with AECOM Engineering Company. Why AECOM? Well because when I look at their mission statement it resembles what I want for a job. "You’ll play a part in finding innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex – and important – challenges." When I work I don't want to do the same old boring routine. I want to be innovative and challenge myself with important projects I get assigned. Moreover, I want to be at a company that builds a better future, and having the best co-workers/technology around me to help deliver the customers what others can only imagine.

The Official Logo of AECOM
AECOM's tulip selected building for Istanbul, Turkey new airport's air tower control traffic.

An Innovative Mission Statment

"We are a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges."
Three Of Many AECOM's Projects That Will Be Completed In The Coming Years.

Job Title: Civil Engineer

The main aspects of being a civil engineer are to plan, design, and command a construction projects like bridges or roads that with stand all type of weather conditions. Or seen in a different way is that civil engineers improve the environment people live in. This is accomplished by maintaining the structures and infrastructures of bridges, roads, buildings, airports, dams, and many more. Moreover, civil engineers also may sometimes be in charge of analyzing and planning projects or doing government regulations for a project.

The Base Salary For A Civil Engineer At AECOM Is $70,783

Major Requirements in Becoming a Civil Engineer

As many careers this days, a civil engineering job requires people to have at least a Bachelor's Degree of Science. Usually professional engineers have to complete a professional engineer state licensing requirements. The program is generally two years of work experience and completing two exams, which is monitored by the National Council of Examiners. At a college, most of them will give you a big final project to see what you have learned throughout the years. Before all this you have to take chemistry, physics, and advanced mathematics courses to understand the fundamentals of engineering. In order to get the job at AECOM, I have to first complete everything said above.

With a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Civil Engineering, it is possible to be a candidate to fill a spot at AECOM.

Where am I Going To Work

When I receive my Bachelor's Degree I would like to work in one of theses three innovative cities. Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA.
Learn The Necessary Skills

Throughout my four years of college I plan in acquiring the necessary skills. In addition, I want to be able to acquire work experience by completing at least two internships throughout college with engineering companies. Once having mastered the concept of being a civil engineer I can acquire a job at AECOM.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California
Kelley Engineering Department at Oregon State University

When Will AECOM Be Hiring?

AECOM has it's own website for the jobs they have a vacant spot. They usually hire year-round because they want to become as innovative as possible and their company is always growing. All you have to do is see if you meet all the requirements necessary. Then after you can apply for the job. If they consider you a good candidate for the job they will schedule an interview for you. Henceforth, after graduating from a college I would have the necessary skills to obtain a job at AECOM. During the process I hope in getting an internship to gain more experience, to be more prepare for my future job.

Why a Civil Engineer

Why a Civil Engineer

As a kid I was always intrigued in how bridges, skyscrapers, and other different structures were created. In addition I was interested in how structures maintain their perfect condition over time. On top of that, I grew up loving math. Every day at school I couldn't wait until it was time for math class. As soon as went to middle school I started to think what I wanted to do for a career. The two main options that immediately came into mind where Architecture and Engineering. Henceforth, in high school I still had problems deciding, but came to the conclusion that Civil Engineering would be the best choice because of its involvement with math and different structures.

Why Am I The Obvious Choice

I'm the obvious choice because of my hard work ethic, determination, leadership, and desire to succeed. In addition, I'm responsible and always do my work with the best of the efforts.

How Can I Be A Member Of AECOM

In order to become a member of the exclusive group of people that works at AECOM, first I have to go through a four year college to learn the fundamentals of civil engineering. Once taking the four years I can earn a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, but that is not all. In addition, I have to take test to have a license has a professional engineer.

Those are the main requirements, but AECOM requires at least two years of experience. Once I have achieved all the requirements above. Its time to submit a job application. After a while they are going to set up an interview to see if am the option they are looking for. Finally, at the end, the dream will come true of been a worker for one of the most innovative companies in last decade. (AECOM)

More Current Projects That AECOM Are Maintaining At This Moment. (Inner Doha Re-sewerage Implementation Scheme (IDRIS), Blackpool Seafront, and Washington Avenue Pedestrian Bridge – University of Minnesota)
Simply a Civil Engineer!
"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. Read more at." -Pele
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