Real or Make Believe by:juridia comseption calderon

This is an unknown seed.

I'm so terrified at horror movies!

These tree's are thick.

This is a pest to other people. but not to me!

I do not know how to switch the settings in a camera.

I'm wondering why he has a head ache?

weeds are bad for plants.

she is dodging the balls,well i guess she is.

This is a beautiful flower batch.

Ice is slippery so she might fall.

Real or Make Believe

By: Jury Calderon

What/who are you going to be for Halloween? I'm going to be poppy corn. Before you ask who she is let me tell you. She is no person. She is pop corn. A shoppkin. A shoppkin is a thing that its name rimes with what it is. Pop corn poppy corn see it now?The p and y at the end of poppy corn. Its going to be exiting. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

This is my Shopkin costume. TRICK OR TREAT!


Created with images by pan.li75 - "Unicorn" • theogeo - "seed" • Steve Snodgrass - "HipstaPrint Terrified Halloween Black Cat" • David Paul Ohmer - "Cincinnati - Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum "Branches - Thick, Thin, Near & Far"" • Meditations - "animal attractive beautiful" • zaphad1 - "IMG_0997" • Linda N. - "Oh, my aching head!" • r-z - "Glass Weed" • U.S. Naval War College - "120511-N-LE393-155" • Cooperweb - "Flowers and Pumpkins and Leaves, Oh my!" • Hans - "person ice run"

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