From Complex to Manageable Douglas Rugh, PhD

I am a psychotherapist based in Washington DC, and I help people navigate difficult changes in professional and personal relationships. Issues around anger and stress. I deeply relate to the pressure and responsibility of changing jobs, moving to new cities, and caring for family. I focus on gaining better self-direction, less disappointment, and more fulfillment.
I focus on how you think

In my work, I call attention to unrecognized assumptions, and I make a distinction between what you think about and how you do that thinking. I am less concerned with looking for causes to explain what you do and more concerned with discovering patterns in the meanings you make by what you're doing.

Douglas Rugh, PhD
Therapeutic relationships are distinctly human where care, confidence, and curiosity is emphasized and strengthened.

Contact me for a consultation

2029 P St. NW, Suite 202 (at Dupont Circle), Washington DC, 20036

(202) 578-7747

Psychotherapy is About How You Think

  • How you live with your emotions
  • Perspectives you bring to relating with the people who matter to you
  • What you aspire to in your life and how you may unwittingly make it harder for yourself to reach those goals
  • Being helped to see that the change you seek is already within you
  • Coming to recognize and appreciate the spark of something eternal that is your core
  • How you live with yourself right now

I’m a licensed psychotherapist, so my fees qualify for reimbursement under nearly all insurance plans, and my fees are considered “usual and customary”.

For most psychotherapy in DC, patients pay for services directly and get reimbursed from their health insurance.

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