Yes, You can Create more of the life you want Douglas Rugh, PhD

I help people with common forms of psychological distress and challenging circumstances, such as: shyness and nervousness in social situations; underperformance at work or school; struggles after the loss of a significant relationship; and disappointment with how life is unfolding.

You want to make progress toward becoming the person you want to be, but you have learned from past efforts that it is important for you to have help. You might want to have a strong sense of self worth and identity, improve the quality of your relationships, gain insight, become more self accepting, and tackle fears and challenges.

Meaningful and lasting changes come from focusing not on symptoms but on relationship we create with ourselves and the interaction with others. With awareness, careful attention, energy, kindness, concern, experience, and training, we discuss difficulties with assertiveness, expression of anger or aggression, separation, abandonment, or rejection, feeling inadequate or incompetent, dealing with authority, getting close to people, and perfectionism.

I bring over fifteen years of experience as a psychotherapist, plus I deeply relate to the pressure and responsibility of changing jobs, moving to new cities, and caring for family.

In our work together, we focus on unrecognized assumptions, and we make a distinction between what you think about and how you do that thinking. I am less concerned with looking for causes to explain what you do and more concerned with discovering patterns in the meanings you make by what you're doing.

Douglas Rugh, PhD
Think of therapy as distinctly human where care, confidence, and curiosity is emphasized and strengthened. It's a tool for creating the life you want rather than fixing what is broken. It's learning how to deal with your feelings and other important aspects of your inner world.

If this sounds like an approach that appeals to you, I encourage you to email or call to set up a time to meet. I look forward to hearing from you.

2111 Decatur Place NW (Kalorama) Washington DC

(202) 578-7747

Please take some time in looking at more information about me and my practice below. When you’re ready to take this next step in creating the life you want, please give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you.
My office sits within a contemplative, peaceful space in the heart of Washington DC in the Kalorama neighborhood, three blocks north of Dupont Circle. I encourage you to schedule a time to talk.

I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and I’m a licensed psychotherapist, so my fees qualify for reimbursement under nearly all insurance plans, and my fees are considered “usual and customary”.