3D PRINTED BOAT Jungyun's amazing boat

If gravity is the force which pulls objects towards the middle of earth, buoyancy is an upward force which pushes the object on water. The amount of buoyancy matters on the amount of water displaced. For an example, if there's a rock and a bowl full of water and we put the rock on water, there would be water spilled out of the bowl. The amount of the water is the amount of buoyancy which the rock receives. From this fact, if we put an object on water, we could know if that matter is either positively buoyant, neutrally buoyant, or negatively buoyant. Firstly, if the object receives more amount of buoyancy than gravity, it is positively buoyant which makes the boat float. Secondly, if the object is receiving the same amount of buoyancy and gravity, it is neutrally buoyant which makes the boat neither float or sink. Thirdly, if the object receives more amount of gravity than buoyancy, it is negatively buoyant which makes the boat sink.

To get a big amount of buoyancy, I made a V-shape boat because V-shape boats has a sharp bottom which could displace lots of water. For stability, I made the middle of the boat hollow which gives more space in the middle and made the sides balanced.

My boat was successful by buoyancy because it could hold 3-4 coins and if we see the graph which is above, we could know that the weight of the boat was 0.163 newtons, but the buoyant force the boat was getting was 0.334 newtons which means that the boat was receiving a lot of amount of buoyancy than the weight of the boat. Unfortunately, my stability wasn't very successful like others because one side of my boat was tilted when the boat was on water.

If I could make a change to my boat design, I would make the sides more balanced. The main problem of my boat was that it was tilted to one side, so it wasn't that stable enough compared by others. To recover this, I could put some more weight on one side or take out some weight from the other side. Also, I could put pontoons on the sides to make it more stable.

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