Hero in Tiger Town By: Jules Bruno

It is a cloudy, bleak Wednesday morning in Clemson, South Carolina when I was awoken from my slumber by the blare of the emergency alarms on campus informing the student body to stay indoors due to the onset of a deadly plague.

What I didn't know, is that I would be the one responsible for saving my fellow Clemson students from this disease. As I climbed down from my lofted bed before my feet could even graze the floor, I was launched down the hallway in a frenzy while my feet were moving faster than I could control. Overnight I had developed supersonic speed and was able to transport people off of the campus away from the infected areas before they contracted the disease.

There was a few people I knew I had to save first. Instinctively I immediately blasted off to the new football facility to retrieve Coach Dabo Swinney.

After safely removing Dabo from campus, I decide it's best to bolt to the Starbucks' on campus and get the employees. It is only fair to save those people who keep me surviving by whipping up my Venti iced coffees every morning.

I am trying to go as quickly as possible so that I can move all of the people in my power to safety. My third stop would be to the Hendrix Student Center to rescue the employees there who so kindly serve food to me almost every day.

As I am off to tend to the next group of people, I recieve an email from CU Safe Alerts informing everyone that help is on the way and that everyone must remain in their current location. A second notification appears on my phone and it is a tweet from the one and only Dabo Swinney thanking me for my selfless action in this state of emergency.

(should be moving)

The End

Created By
Jules Bruno


Created with images by Matthew Townsend - "20011030161241"

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