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Hello, I'm Tammy. I'm a web developer and graphic designer. This is a presentation of some of my work.

The following are some of my Graphic Design projects.

Hand Lettered Animal graphic

Hand Lettered Animal - I drew the letters into the shape of a polar bear. Then I scanned my drawing and traced it in Illustrator. The final step was clipping the background image into the polar bear using Photoshop.

In this assignment for Typography class, I had to choose and animal, trace it, then add the letters of the animal’s name inside the outline. I worked in Adobe Photoshop where I made several iterations of this bear. In this example, I used a clipping mask to add an arctic scene to the body. In this exercise, I also created an animated GIF.

Nutrition Handouts

This was an assignment for Typography class. I was given the pictures and text and had to place them in an appealing way. I chose the colors of the background and fonts and placement of the text and pictures. I colored the text at the beginning of each paragraph to draw the attention of the reader to the text and not just the pictures. I used Adobe Photoshop for this work but if I had to do something similar in the future, I would use Adobe InDesign, which is much more suited to newsletter layout.

Personal Monogram

I was asked to create a personal logo. Something that represented my personality and likes. I am drawn to a Bohemian style and chose a design that had some of my favorite colors for the center background. I used a font that I thought was pretty and arranged the letters of my initials in a way that I thought was pleasing to the eye. This was done in Adobe Photoshop where I was able to add stokes to the letters and create a multi-colored frame with the ellipse tool.

Business Card

Starting with my personal monogram, I created a business card using colors drawn from the center design. I created this in Adobe Photoshop using the rectangle tool and a pretty but readable font.

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