Assignment 2: Portfolio Development EDUC 5171S 001 - Gasperi, sarah

Sarah Gasperi (1992-) Malocchio - 2017 - Drawing: Shading & Contouring.

When presented with contouring I chose my bracelet because of its meaning to me. The charms on my bracelet protect me from the Malocchio which is the evil eye in my culture. I chose the colour black based on emotion and i used shading for the various charms.

Sarah Gasperi (1992-) Drag & Dab - 2017 - Painting: Techniques
Sarah Gasperi (1992-) Array of Techniques - 2017 - Toothbrush, Sponge Dab, Popsicle Stick.

Experimenting with the various objects made this activity engaging. I enjoyed the dragging and dabbing of the sponge along the paper. It was interesting to utilize the various techniques throughout this activity.

Sarah Gasperi (1992-) View 1-4 - This is Halloween: OOGIE BOOGIE MAN - Sculpture: Clay

Being presented with the idea of sculpting a monster of our choice it was interesting to see the various monsters chosen within the classroom. This allowed individuals to create a monster or sculpt one of their choice. Conversing with a peer in my class we decided to collaborate together and choose a halloween monster from one of our favourite movies. Above are 4 different views of my representation of the Oogie Boogie man from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. In the photo below we then expressed our creation to a student within another class. She then joined and created another monster character from the film. It was interesting to see how each of us used the clay to represent our image of these halloween monsters.

Sarah Gasperi (1992-) Amara Ilias (1991-) Nicolitza Xinos (1992-) This is Halloween - 2017 - Sculpture: Clay
Sarah Gasperi (1992-) Lets Learn Lines (Triple L) - 2017 - Animation: PowToon

The use of technology in classrooms now is constantly progressing. Learning to create and present through animation was different. Computational Thinking is extremely critical to a child's learning development. I enjoyed learning about this software as it is engaging for students.

Sarah Gasperi (1992-) Always - 2017 - Printmaking: Stencil & Multi-Colour Lino Print

Throughout this class we were given the opportunity to create a stencil for our personal Valentine's Day Card. I struggled more with this activity then any other, however it was great to have a theme provided and see everyones creations. I chose to create a heart stencil based on the theme of the activity as well as make it personal by incorporating one of my favourite books/movies - Harry Potter. The name Neville comes from the books and the title of my art piece also reflects the story.

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