Great Expectations Nathan Swaffar

"Gradually I slipped from the chair and lay on the floor. When I awoke without having parted in my sleep with the perception of my wretchedness, the clocks of the Eastward churches were striking five, the candles were wasted out, the fire was dead and the wind and rain intensified the thick black darkness." (P. 254)


The Reason I chose this specific passage was because it really explained what Pip was like at the end of part two. In this part at the end he learns that his love Estela who he thought he was destined to spend life with her, did not have the same feelings for him. He also learned that she was almost playing him in the sense that she treated him not like any other of her admires'.

""What do you mean?" said I, half suspecting him to be mad. He stopped in his looking at me, and slowly rubbed his right hand over his head. "It's disappointing to a man," he said, in a coarse broken voice "arter having looked for'ard so distant, and come so fur; but you're not to blame for that-neither on us is to blame for that."

Pip as a gentleman

This is great quote predicting Pip's future. The old man is saying that he has come so far and has done so much, and is going to have to deal with something that will affect his life dramatically. Which is when he figures out that he's not supposed to spend the rest of his life with Estella.

"I shook my head gloomily. "Oh! She is thousands of miles away from me;" said I. "Patience, my dear Handel: time enough, time enough."

Pip and Herbert

This is a short quote before Estella came back into Pip's life. It explains how he misses her much and doesn't want to live without her. Herbert is explaining that she will come back to him when the time is right. Although if Pip had any common sense at all, he would know that all this gibberish about he is destined to be with her is a bunch of bull. The thing is though, love clouds your mind.

At the end of part two, Pip starts to realize that he is not destined to spend his life with Estella and that she had almost been using him the whole time. He also starts to respect the Convict more because he realized that he was the benefactor. While Pip had been almost wasting his life, the convict was living for Pip trying to make him a gentleman. After he learns that Estella and him will never be together, he first gets mad at Miss Havisham, but then realized that he treated Joe so badly. Joe was his friend, and then he realized he treated him like dirt when he left for London to become a gentleman.

Motifs: Jealousy, Anger, Reunion, Love, Dreams

Theme: Everybody can plan for the future, but the reality is, is that nobody expects what will happen in the future.

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