Donna Is GUILTY By: Dominick, Kendrick, NoaH, and Uriah

Donna Osborn has never told anybody that she was being physically abused, so she could have told anybody that she was getting beaten and hurt by her husband. Donna is just now using an emotional appeal to gain support so she won't be guilty in the murder of Clinton Osborn. Clinton had no reason to ruin his family name and/or his company. If you let the atrocity go unpunished then it will reside in similar cases to be used in the future. In similar cases women has also used abused domestic violence as a form of pity of pass from punishment.

Dr. Leslie Crown has known the Osborn family for over 30 years and would know everything to know about them. She has treated Donna on multiple occasions for her lacerations and other injuries. Dr. Crown has never reported anything about abuse against Donna or any accusations of abuse from Clinton. Dr. Lynn Johnson, with multiple degrees in law and Psychology, has said that Donna Osborn Could have left at any point but never did. He also said she does not fit the profile of a "battered wife". Donna could have left and had no signs of being harmed or hit.

On November 20, 1990, she suffered a broken rib, which Dr.Crown set. She said that the she slipped with the Turkey for thanksgiving dinner. In May of 1989, Dr. Crown placed 18 sutures on her forehead and prescribed codiene for her headache. She said that she got injured form the softball game she was in earlier. On March 5, 1990 Donna came in to Dr. Crowns office with a compound fracture in her arm. She also said that she got it from a baseball accident. Then on February 7, 1991, Dr. Crown placed 12 sutures in her forehead again. She said that she tripped and fell down the stairs. Donna never said once that she was being hurt, and she always had and excuse for getting injured.

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