A Day in the Florida Museum of Natural History By: Ariana Vergara

Introduction: The Florida Museum of Natural History provides its visitors with an enchanting environment that would make anyone fall in love with nature and all of its wonderful beings. All of the exhibits evoke a sense of compassion towards nature. It reminded me that we owe all of our advantages as a species to it. I had the pleasure of going to the museum with my family, which allowed me to share this wonderful experience with the people I love.Visiting the museum was a wonderful experience and I would recommend that everyone visit it at least once.

Nature on Display: The butterfly exhibition caught my attention from the moment I stepped in. Seeing all the butterflies fly around freely and interacting with visitors was beautiful. There were butterflies of all colors and sizes and it was wonderful seeing them play around with each other. The exhibit captured my attention because of how colorful and elegant it was. The way it was designed made it feel like we were given an invitation into the world of butterflies. We were allowed to observe butterflies in their natural habitat. I learned that the natural world captivates the human mind but that doesn´t mean that we should abuse it like we are currently doing. We are destroying rainforest all over the world in order to provide ourselves with supplies that we can survive without. We should be cherishing nature for all its beauty but instead we are slowly destroying it. I found being directly in contact with butterflies the most enjoyable. I loved seeing butterflies land on everyone including me.

Nature and Ethics: Leopold believes that we should “love, respect, and admire”¨nature and I completely agree with him. Instead of viewing ourselves as separate entities we should understand that we are a part of nature. I did feel part of the “biotic community” as Leopold would put it. As I watched the butterflies fly around me, I felt like they were accepting me into their world. I did not feel like an outsider or even i bystander, I sensed like I belonged. As I walked throughout the museum I felt like I was becoming more aware of my surroundings and the world as a whole. I remember reading about the beginning of human civilizations and realizing how far we´ve come as a species. I visited the museum with my family and they all reacted very positively towards all of the exhibits. I went with my 11 year old cousin and she enjoyed looking and playing with all of the exhibits. The museum allowed its visitors to connect with nature because most of the exhibits were interactive. Instead of just reading facts about and exhibits we could interact with it which provided us with more memorable experiences. This experience did instill in me an ethical responsibility to nature because we owe the success of our species to it. Without nature we would not be where we are today, so it is our responsibility to ensure that its beauty is never lost.

Nature and the Human Spirit: Going to the Natural History Museum allows us to step away from our ordinary lives because it allows us to not only connect with nature, but also to previous human civilizations. Everyone that walked into the butterfly garden was transported to another world, the world of butterflies. This experience definitely allowed everyone to disconnect from their day to day life; everyone just focused on the beauty of the butterflies. The Natural History Museum helps us connect with our past because there are exhibits throughout the museum of previous human civilizations. We realize that we owe our advancements to these civilizations. It helps us understand who we are and where we came from. It depicts the evolution of the human species. This allows us to appreciate nature and our ancestors because without them we would not bet where we are.


All photos were taken by me or my family members, who consented on having their pictures used.

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