Long Lost Love Two friends led separate lives and came back together

It is not common for people to be friends and either grow apart or lose contact as life can just simply get in the way. Although, it is a little rarer for people to grow apart, be brought back into each other’s lives and then getting married to each other. This was the situation that Iris and John, known as Jack, encountered two years ago when they met up after not seeing each other for most of their adult life. They had met in their early twenties but each had their own partners and just thought of each other as close friends. Both of them then went on to marry their respective partners, welcome their own children into the world and watch them grow up into young adults.

Jack and Iris proved to be a little unlucky in love when both their marriages broke down and found themselves divorcing in recent years. Two years ago, the old friends came back into contact and their friendship picked up from where they left off and blossomed into a loving relationship. Iris, is a long time sufferer of the heartbreaking disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and she probably felt like that she would never find love again.

The wedding day, like any wedding day, was a huge occasion for the couple and wanted to share their special day with a small selection of their friends and family. Three times, the staff of Saltcoats Town Hall had to bring in chairs as more people made their way in to witness the wedding of the happy couple. Iris, who relies on the use of her wheelchair to get her around, was determined that she would not use it to go down the aisle but with the help of her son and brother, she got out of her chair and walked down to meet her husband to be.

The couple’s friends and family all helped out, both with caring for Iris as well arranging key parts of the wedding, such as the venue, minister and their friend Mary hired myself as the photographer so make sure they had photos to remind them of their special day.

With an Irish inspired blessing, personal songs, friends, family and the couple finally after all these years becoming Mr and Mrs Smith, the ceremony was stunning with everything going without a hitch….except for afterwards when the groom’s kilt fell down… Nothing could ruin their beautiful and special day.

The small gathering of friends and family waiting for the happy couple to arrive. Three more rows of chairs had to be brought in for the popular couple.
Even with suffering from MS, Iris was determined to walk down the aisle and up to her soon to be husband.
The couple sat through their wedding but stood to speak their vows in a beautiful Irish inspired ceremony.
The happy couple with their nearest and dearest watching on as they finally become Mr and Mrs.
Exchanging of rings and vows. Battling through what must be unimaginable pain, Iris and Jack exchanged their vows and rings.
Making their marriage official with the signing of names as they finally become Mr & Mrs Smith after having met 40 years earlier.
Sealing their vows and ending their wedding ceremony with a kiss.
Walking back down the aisle hand in hand, now as Jack and Iris Smith.
The happy couple pose for photos now as man and wife.
Breaking tradition, the bride makes a speech to thank her friends and family for coming to their wedding and their reception.
Through years of charity work for MS, they have gained many loyal friends who joined them and their family for their reception dinner before more arrived for the night's festivities.
Just like photos, their guest book and post box will give the couple many happy memories to look back on for years to come.
Maid of Honour grabs the chance of getting a selfie with the smitten groom.
The happy couple cut the cake to applause and many smiles from everyone looking on.


stacey auld photo staceyaphoto.uk

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