What is the drug?

The drug is a narcotic it can treat mild pain and cough. Codeine is legal. Slang for Codeine is Lean and Syrup.

What Type of Drug is it?

Codeine is synthetic (man made). The drug schedule for codeine usually is taken orally. Codeine comes in both pills (mg) and liquid (mL). Codeine is used to treat mild to moderately severe pain.

History of the Drug

Codeine was first introduced by a French chemist named Pierre Robiquet in 1832. Most common medical use of Codeine is to end chronic coughing and some mild pains.


Codeine is very addictive. Codeine can cause fatal overdoses. Tolerance level rise very quickly if codeine is abused. Withdrawal symptoms involve irritability, physical pain, insomnia, and muscle spasms.

Codeine Effects

Short-term effects of codeine involve stimulation in the brain's receptors to suppress coughing and relief pain. Long-term effects includes addiction and depression. Codeine damage parts of the brain like muscle control and decision making.

Other Important Information

  • Codeine comes from the opiate plant
  • An estimated 33 Million People use codeine every year
  • Codeine is one of t he most over-prescribed drug on the market
  • Promethazine codeine cough syrup is the mostly prescribed version of codeine.


One time my uncle was high off codeine and he fell asleep at a red light in his vehicle and a police officer knocked on his window to wake him up and he pulled off and ran over the officer's foot. My uncle was then incarcerated.

Negative Veiwpoint

Drug abuse is a public health problem. This means it affects not only an individual or his or her family, but society at large. Due to the fact that codeine is very addictive it can cause people to do anything to get it causing crimes like theft and murder. Society can respond to problems that arise from increased drug abuse by trying to create a less addictive opiate.


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