RMBVDE Garrison James

repeated elements of art: shapes, color, textures, lines, forms, values.
Movement - how the elements are arranged to direct the viewers eye throughout the art. Could be in a "V" "X" "T"
ways in which the elements (lines, shapes, colors, textures, etc.) of a piece are arranged.


Created with images by Sultry/sulky/silly - "House series- redo - WIP" • andrewmalone - "Candy Corn" • annca - "badminton shuttle sport" • James Bowe - "Pumpkin Face" • Dominic's pics - "Ornamental Plaster Moulding Ceiling Rose - Brian Eno Speaker Flowers Sound Installation at Marlborough House" • webandi - "dominoes domino play" • www.hacienda-la-colora.com - "Musée Guggenheim Bilbao Museum Picture Image Photo Photography Spain Espagne"

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