RMC 2 - 1 UOIT Sunday - 2018/09/09

Oshawa, ON - RMC (2-1-1) earned their second consecutive victory with a 2-1 win over UOIT (0-6) on Sunday, a feat that has alluded the Paladins since 2014.

Paladins keeper Johnathan Ardell made 13 saves in the match.


Taidgh Burton put the hosts ahead in the first half, scoring his first goal for the Ridgebacks.


UOIT had a 1-0 lead after 45 minutes.


Jae Seck Jeong netted the tying goal for RMC shortly after halftime.


Liam Chambers pounded the first goal of his U SPORTS career into the net to give the Paladins the lead.

After Sunday's 2-1 victory, RMC has a short week to prepare for a Wednesday evening game at Queen's at 5:00 PM. On Reunion Weekend, RMC hosts Ryerson and Toronto.

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