Bloom's Taxonomy for a High School English Class


Lesson objectives: SWBAT describe, recognize, and reproduce different literary devices

Activity: watch the Literary Elements Rap


Lesson objectives: SWBAT discover, practice, and use literary devices


  • Posters of literary devices will be posted around the room
  • Student's will be given an index card with a sentence using a literary device
  • Each student will find the literary device poster that relates to their sentence
  • Once each student has found where their sentence belongs, the students will then create their own sentence using that literary device


Lesson objectives: SWBAT categorize, formulate, and synthesize how each literary device is used in literature

Students can create their own interactive literary device notebooks by applying what they have learned to pieces of literature (i.e. poems, short stories, novels)


Created with images by Ryan Somma - "Bloom's Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing"

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