Where could you build Ember? And where does it get its food?

We looked at countries with subterranean rivers and tried to find them on a world map.
It wasn’t as easy as it looked...
Some of us had a think about the city and where the river actually was. That meant we could see where the store rooms were too.
The problem of where Ember’s electricity came from arose and some went home to investigate.
The marvellous Richard Scary helped us to visualise how a river could generate electricity.
And then we went to the farm! Broxfield Farm near Alnwick where we had a fabulous day.
Looking at the beans that are used to feed pigs and chickens.
Looking at the machinery used.
Grinding wheat to make flour.
Meeting Ernie, the Aberdeen Angus bull.
Feeding the young cows.
Heading into the forest after lunch.
Off on an animal hunt.
Making forest creatures.
We even had a think about the “believers” in Ember. What do they believe and why??