Cease Fire By Christina Aguilera


2012 | Pop

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"Pain and hurt Living in fear Wasted energy In the end What is it worth? What is our legacy?"


  • Lotus debuted at number seven on the US Billboard 200. In Canada and Russia the album reached the top 10.
  • Lotus received generally mixed reviews from music critics, who were ambivalent towards its lyrics and found its music conventional. Surprised?
  • I'm not gonnna pretend any of us really care to know more about her. Just get bto the good stuff.


Luke Tatum

We're all on the same side, aren't we? War only destroys. You may not have expected Christina Aguilera on the list, but hey: She's entreating you to case your weapons down, isn't she? There's also a lovely line towards the end: "We could be free, free of the king, who won my destiny." I'm aware this hardly qualifies her as an anarchist, but I'll take my freedom where I can find it. Enjoy!

Sherry Voluntary

This rather tedious song has a line that resonates with me as I write this. “I'm tired of fighting for peace, When I am alone on the front line, I need you to stand next to me” Standing for something is not easy. Standing for something that most people misunderstand and are scared of, is downright trying at times. I mean really, how many times can you answer “but who will build the roads” before you want to pull your hair out? Frustration comes with the territory of changing hearts and minds. We get tired. We feel alone. This is why we need to stand with and for each other. Building a community of like minded people that you can turn to is necessary for your own piece of mind and quality of life. There are so few of us libertarians in the world. Sticking up for each other and sticking together is so important for us. Yes, each one of us is an individual with unique biology and experience and preference. We are also biological beings who are hard wired to need a community, to belong somewhere. I need you to stand next to me, and I want to stand next to you in the fight for a world set free.

Nicky P

I'm not saying we got jokes but c'mon. I'm sure this whole thing is alegorical for fighting in a relationship but frankly when you spend any time listening to Scott Horton talk about foreign policy it becomes clear our leaders are thirteen year old girls quarrelling and using our literal sons and daughters as bulllet sponges in the process. Every instinct they have is a power grab or a way to strengthen their hand in the relationship. Foreign aid when we need a favor, sanctions when we disagree with you. The difference here is the stakes people are willing to play with. We all have the moral justification to play relational politics when our own hearts are on the line, but what gives a beurocrat in washington the right to play relational politics when its our lives. Is this the social contract? Being pawns in a pissing contest between arrogant royalty feuding from across the globe? I definitely wouldn't give tacit consent to that. When I think about the war state its hard to feel anything but what this song surmises, a battered pleading & unwilling partner in the worst affair on the planet. On the surface this song is a funny choice but I want you to see the messages we talk about as libertarians can hide literally anywhere. Sure it's allegory for her but knowing the horror of war is the only way it carries water as an allegory, which means theres a universal truth buried in there.

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Nicky P

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