Yucaipa High School Photography: Level 2 Turning students into masters

Photo 2: These kids get it...

Being a Photo 2 student means having some significant photography and editing experience set before coming in to the course. Students in Photo 2 are independent creators, entrepreneurial risk takers and very likely to already be money makers using their photography while still in high school. For more information contact: Scott Kennedy: scott_kennedy@ycjusd.us

C1: Beat the Heat
C2: Beautiful Rays of Light
C3: Cool Old Stuff
C4: My Settings are the Best!
C5: Juxtaposition
C6: Lets Reflect!
C7: Levitation Project
C8: Tiny Planet
C9: Photo Essay
C10: Parallax 2.5D
C10: Cartober
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Yucaipa_ High_School

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