Canbury School Newsletter 10th May 2019. issue 159.

Dear Parents and Visitors

Well we are finally here. The examinations season begins in earnest next week and I wish all students the very best of luck as they finally get to show the examiners just how much they know. No-one likes an exam, but I would urge our students to remember that examiners actually want them to do well. This is your chance to showcase your knowledge. So get a good night's sleep, eat a great breakfast, come in your uniform to school (dress smart, work smart), get here in plenty of time with all the right equipment and remember, we're all on your side. That long hot lazy summer is just around the corner. Step through the exam door, get your head down, and step out into the sunshine on the other side!

I just had to share this most stunning photograph Rhian took on last week's Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Isn't it simply beautiful and calming? Just looking at it makes me feel restful!

A very important Save the Date for your diaries. Saturday 21st September will see our annual all-singing all-dancing showcase Open Morning. It's the one Saturday in the year when I expect ALL students in school, uniform on and ready to show prospective parents and students around Canbury.

All our students have benefited from the "Canbury package", whether that is the positive working environment, the very many extra curricular activities on offer or the inclusive and supportive pastoral and nurturing setting in which we all operate. The Canbury Open Morning is therefore the students' chance to give something back.

I do hope our DoFE candidates are getting on with their coursework which is the final part they need to do. I do so love the DoFE initiative. It's such a positive thing to do. We asked Rhian in Year 9 for three words which sum up DoFE. She said "Fun. Different. Exploration". Super! The photograph at the top of the Newsletter is yet another one from the recent qualifying expedition. I can't get enough of them!

It's just as well our students are so active, as we always seem to be eating cake! Please don't forget to get baking for next Friday's cake sale in aid of the "Born too Soon" charity. Break time will see us gathered in the hall with lots of 'oooohing' and 'arhhing' as we indulge our sweet cravings and make money for a jolly good cause, the Neonatal Unit at Kingston Hospital. Please please remember we are a nut free school. Thank you.

I am really very pleased to give a special mention to Lucas in Year 8 who has written a wonderful piece of prose in English. It is stunning and featured in this newsletter. Well done Lucas.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Zac for coming top in the history test on the Norman Conquest with a brilliant 86%!

Zac for excellent vocabulary work and Flora for clear, correct answers in English.

Year 8

Lucas for some excellent writing in English. It was so good Mr Natt has asked for it to be included below.

Year 9

Max for some excellent contributions in English discussion work.

Year 10

Amy and Cate for some first rate writing in English. Joe, Alexander and Rosie for great strides forward in their writing.

Year 12

Miles for a well prepared presentation and discussion as part of his English examination.

Running off exam stress - beat the blues and boost your grades!

Mrs Branney always has her hands full. Not only is she deputy head, but she teaches Geography, she's the school SENCo and the exams officer, and that's just the tip of the ice berg. No wonder she's always running around being busy!

But Mrs Branney is also very good at finding ways to manager stress - yes, even teachers get stressed. As well as singing in a choir, she's an avid runner and now, once again, there's news that running really is very very good for you. Take a look at this story on the BBC website about managing exam stress, and indeed any stress, with a good old run. You don't have to be fast. You don't have to run far. You just need to get moving and out of breath for a bit. Try it, and send us your pictures so we can share them here in the newsletter. Go on, you know you want to. To get you started, we've shared a few of our own running pictures. Look how happy running makes us feel! Who knows, come August results day, our students may be running to Canbury to collect their results, not coming by car! Send your photos to jbate@canburyschool.co.uk


Clockwise left to right: Mrs Smith and her daughter Holly after a "tough mudder" obstacle course run; Mrs Smith; Mrs Bate and her daughter Emma after the 10k London Winter Run, and Mrs Branney and Mrs Smith after a 5km parkrun last Christmas Day morning. Get your trainers on and join us!

Exam etiquette - how we can all help our students do their very best.

Writes Mrs Branney: "External examinations start in earnest next week on Tuesday 14th May. The history room will be out of action, so all lessons which would normally be held in this classroom will be re-located. Please do not use the stairs by the history room either at this time, use only the main staircase at the front of the building. I would respectfully ask that you are quiet when moving from lesson to lesson over the course of the examinations. Signs on the doors need to be adhered to.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our year 11 students the very best with their examinations."

Well done Lucas

Mr Natt was so impressed at a piece of English work written by Lucas in Year 8 that he wanted to share it in the Newsletter. Read on for a gripping piece of prose. Very well done Lucas! Students had to write a piece in response to the photograph below.

"The school looked like a tornado had passed through. The wallpaper was peeling away like dry skin. A door hung ajar like it was about to go SNAP off its hinges. You could hear the echoes of your footsteps as you walk down the deserted corridors. What used to be a royal blue handrail passed by hundreds of children, became brown, rusted and abandoned. A pencil pot dropped off the table with a Brobdingnagian CRASH, which, again, echoed through the uninhabited school. The outside of the haunted-looking school looked as though it was about to crumble, with half cracked windows and children's drawings in the windows. All had rotted over time. With the wind picking up, the swings screeched up and down as if the children were still playing and dead leaves tumbled across the neglected grounds with an eerie WHOOSH. With an almighty CRASH, a big black ball CUT through the upstairs music studio. The wrecking ball heaved away from the carnage, pulling dust and debris with it, preparing for the next strike."

News from the poolside

Canbury's Caitlin won Bronze in the London Regional Championships at the Olympic pool last weekend. We'd love to see inside her house - it must be jam packed with medals! Well done Caitlin.


National Citizen Service - what a glorious way to while away some of your summer. Read on for what to do to have some fun and make more friends.

Did someone say fun?


Meet the member of staff

Passengers please embark, passengers please embark. We hope Miss Scott has got her sea legs ready, because she's off for an adventure on the high seas. In this week's "meet the teacher" we take five minutes with our drama and music teacher as we bid her a fond farewell.

Positive, smiley, exuberant, inimitable Miss Scott - tap dancing out of our lives for now!

Tell us all about this new adventure you're going off on.

Even though I will miss Canbury and its wonderful staff and students very much, I am very excited about my upcoming new life adventure. I’ve been cast in “Hairspray” the musical and another show on board a huge cruise ship, the Symphony of the Seas with Royal Caribbean Cruises. I’ll be playing two parts: Prudy Pingleton and also the gym teacher and start two months rehearsals the day after I land in Miami on 20th May. After rehearsals on land, my home away from home will be a cabin with a port-hole on the ship and my weekly destinations will be western and eastern Caribbean locations such as Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, and the islands of St. Kitts, St. Thomas and St. Maarten.

I’ll be working six days a week performing, but I’m sure I will have daytime free sometimes to visit the islands, do some sightseeing, swim in the sea and top up the sun tan, (so don’t feel too sorry for me) it’s a very exciting year ahead. Of course I’m both nervous and excited right now but looking forward to meeting my new colleagues and getting back in a rehearsal room.

What brought you to Canbury, and when?

I came to Canbury in September 2016 after Mrs Clancy met the head of the Prep School where I teach private singing lessons at a meeting and asked if she knew any suitable music / drama teachers for the vacancy here. The other head told me about the job opportunity, I applied, came for an interview and trial lesson, fell in love with the school and the rest is history.

Funniest/most embarrassing/happiest stick out moment for you during your time here?

The whole Year 9 class including me (this year’s year 10) getting the giggles when Joe and James B were showing off their crazy dance skills in preparation for the talent show. We all just lost it (for a little while anyway).

So many lovely memories from the shows we’ve done!

Victor bringing the house down as Dame Trott in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Harry L’s to die for impersonation of Claudia Winkleman (looked great in heels!) in “Strictly Come Dancing” and Harry A’s crazy elf dancing.

Rhian and Victor’s hilarious comedy routine as Fingers and Fumbs.

Year 7’s fabulous Harry Potter spoof.

Matthew A’s top notes and Ain’s wonderful scary Mrs Trunchbull in the “Matilda” Revolting Children Routine!

My first show, “A Christmas Carol”.

So many students doing things they’d not done before and having the courage to stand on stage and play a part, or to try new skills. Seeing that has made it all so rewarding.

In another life, who/what would you be?

I think I’d be a Mum and have my own family. Maybe still one day.

What will we NEVER find in your fridge?

Meat. I’ve been vegetarian most of my life and pescatarian for the last five years.

What will we ALWAYS find in your fridge?

Cheese. Yoghurt. Milk. Eggs. Proper Coffee.

Share with us a piece of advice you try to follow

Always see and expect the best in people and don’t judge people by their appearance or their mood. Give people a second chance and don’t jump to conclusions.

How does such a busy lady like you get to de-stress and chill?

A number of things relax me - nature’s right up there! A walk or cycle in the park, preferably in the sunshine, or a spot of gardening at home.

Equally important I love to make music or go dancing - Lindy hop (an American dance) and swing dancing are my hobbies and I like nothing better than dancing to a live swing band.

Sum up Canbury in five words

Nurturing. Fun. Crazy. Happy. Unforgettable.

Dream acting job?

Ooh soo many. For now, it’s this one, but hopefully I’ll make it back into the West End one day in a musical or play. Or I will work at the RSC or the National. I wouldn’t mind playing a part in a Wes Anderson, Stephen Spielberg or Mike Leigh film either!



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