aLIEns Aliens lie when they say gravity and ELECTROMAGNETISM dont exist

Who Are These Aliens?

Breaking News Aliens have recently arrived from planet “Eyedoughnt Beleevu”, in another dimension where the forces of earth aren't present. They don't believe that electromagnetism and gravity exist, but the aliens will soon learn here on earth that they do.

What Is Gravity?

Gravity is the force that pulls an object of mass to another object of mass. But most commonly known as the force that pulls people towards the center of the earth. Gravity's cause can be explained by Albert Einstein’s theory that said space is a fabric, and this fabric can be bent by objects of mass. The bends created in the fabric are what create gravity. The bigger the mass is, the bigger the bend will be creating a stronger gravitational pull, and the smaller the weaker.

For gravity to occur, the two given masses do not have to be touching, just in the others gravitational field. For example, the earth and moon have gravitational pulls on each other, however they are not touching. The moon is just stuck in earth's dent, or gravitational pull. But the moon doesn't the fall straight down to the earth because of its orbit.

What's That, You Aliens Need More Proof Of Gravity?

Gravity and Einsteins relativity theory are demonstrated in the video above. The booksock, tightened around the bowl is representing the space-time continuum, the 'fabric'. You can see that the three weights have a larger mass because they have a bigger dent than the one weight. This would explain why the marbles were going over towards the three weights as opposed to just the one. The more mass and bigger dent, the stronger the gravitational pull is. Therefore the marbles were pulled into the bigger mass' dent because it had a stronger pull.

What Is Electromagnetism?

Electromagnetism is the interaction of electric currents and magnetic fields, it can be used to make things like electromagnets by combining the currents/fields. In this case, electromagnetism would be caused by moving electrical currents which create magnetic fields. And connecting a battery to a magnet using thise currents/fields creates an electromagnet. You can make these types of magnets stronger or weaker depending on the battery voltage. A battery with higher voltage makes a magnet stronger, and less weaker.

You Need More Proof Of Electromagnism As Well?

This picture of an electromagnet proves electromagnetism as being existent. The only way the magnet could have picked up the paper clips is if there was electromagnetism there to pull them to contact. What happened was, the paper clips and nail were attracted to each other, and without actually touching it, the power of electromagnetism in the magnet was able to pull the clips up yo attach to the nail. Therefore, electromagnetism really does exist here on earth.

Say Goodbye To The Aliens

I can only hope that these aliens can retrieve to their home planet with a new understanding of the forces here on earth, gravity and electromagnetism. The two of which have many similarities but of course a share of differences. Both forces are able to exist and occur without making direct contact between the two necessary objects/elements. However, only gravity is able to exist between everything, while electromagnetism needs certain materials to exist. Go now aliens, and spread news of the great earth forced back on “Eyedoughnt Beleevu”.


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