Practical Training for Ministry Village Missions CDI Meets Need for Practical Training

Jay’s Story

By the end of his first year at a Christian college, Jay Foster knew he couldn’t stay. He’d planned on graduating from this college, but every graduating senior seemed to have lost his passion for the simple gospel, and that terrified Jay.

If going through the formalities of training to be a pastor meant losing the genuine love he had for Jesus, then he was out. The decision was difficult. He’d dreamed of being a pastor since he was saved at age 18.

It just wasn’t God’s time.

So, Jay returned to the workforce, but the call to ministry remained.

Watching his two older brothers join WEC International ministries, Jay signed up also. Yet, after 7 months, it became clear that his gifts were for the local church in Canada.

Again, Jay came home and went back to work at a tire shop.

The shop may have looked different than a church, but there were still people, so Jay began ministry right within the tire shop.

“I really wanted to disciple and shepherd people, so I did that while I was working.”

During this time, Jay received a mailing from an organization he’d never heard of – Village Missions. He set the mail aside and didn’t think of it again until he began receiving more mail from Village Missions.

“How did you get ahold of me?” he wondered.

Weeks later, Jay went to say goodbye to his brother, Scott, who was traveling to another country with WEC International.

“Hey, I got some stuff for you,” said Scott’s fiancé when he arrived.

She handed him even more material from Village Missions. The mystery was solved. Scott had given Village Missions Jay’s contact information at a missions conference. He’d just neglected to tell Jay.

So, Jay called District Representative Henry Vandermeer.

District Representative Henry Vandermeer
“I don’t know why you’re contacting me,” Jay said honestly. “I’m not married, and I don’t have a degree. I’m just calling to see what’s up.”

That’s when Henry told Jay about the Contenders Discipleship Initiative, a program of six courses designed specifically to help train people like him for ministry.

Jay spends time with Marilyn and Henry Vandermeer

After a one-year internship, Jay was placed in a church in Manitoba. There, he continued to take CDI courses online, as he was mentored by Village Missionary Tom Gerbrandt.

Even though Jay was an intern at Amaranth, he quickly connected with the community, and the church asked if he could stay. Serving as the full-time missionary pastor in Amaranth, Jay is finishing his final course and looks forward to the years of ministry made possible through the CDI.

Jay, with members of the Amaranth congregation

Equipped for Ministry

Many Village Missions pastors train in traditional colleges and seminaries, yet for many others, like Jay, it simply isn’t a realistic option.

The CDI provides quality education for FREE. Students like Jay learn how to study their Bibles and explore church doctrines. They study the New and Old Testaments in-depth, and the history of the Christian church. Finally, they learn to effectively teach, preach and evangelize.

Many people across Canada feel the call to full-time ministry but don’t have the time or money for traditional education. The CDI makes it possible for them to follow God’s calling on their lives.

Your Ministry

We are dedicated to keeping the CDI free for every student, whether they are preparing for full-time ministry with Village Missions, or simply want to grow in their faith so they can better serve their local church.

To keep these courses free, we rely on the generous giving of people like you. Through your generosity, people can turn their dreams of ministry into a reality through free, quality biblical training.

Will you give a one-time gift today and help students, like Jay, fulfill God’s calling on their lives? Your gift will help raise up the next generation of pastors to reach this country with the gospel of Jesus.

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