Spider-Man Homecoming By Carter Capps

Spider-Man Homecoming is a marvel movie of 2017 based off of Spiderman.

This is a second reboot of Spiderman and it's the sixteenth film of the Marvel movies.

The director of the film is Jon Watts and screen played by six people.

In this Spiderman movie story Peter Parker tries to balance his hero life with his high school life.

The actor who will play the new Spider is Tom Holland.

Two of the six people who did the screen play also wrote the script and the were Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daley.

The film title was revealed along with the auditions in April 2016 including Robert Downey Jr.

In Fayette County, Georgia the Pinewood Atlanta Studios began principal photography in June 2016.

And during filming Watts, Christopher Ford, Chris Mckenna, and Erik Sommers were revealed as additional screenwriters not to menchen more cast members were confirmed.

So basically the new Spiderman movie is going to be interesting to see. Especially with a new Spiderman villain named Vulture in it.

Spiderman is awesome because I grew up with Spiderman in the 90's

I see some marker removal and special effects such as 3D objects/models, roto, wire removal, color correction, green screen, color keying, and chromakeying.

This movie makes me feel inspired/fascinated by to see what will happen next.

What I like about Spiderman in that he has an captivating life. Keeping his super hero life a secret from those close to him so they can be safe. What I don't like about Spiderman is that they should have put some of Peter's high school friends in this movie like Flash, Harry, Mary Jane, and Gwen. Not to mention they should put more then one Spiderman villain in this movie.

This movie reminds me of the other Spiderman villains in the previous movies because I want to see what they look like in this version with different costumes and makeup.

I would like my own designs of Spiderman's villains up on the big screen because they're very evil.

In the trailer, the scene where Vulture is flying down on top of us is a 3D effect, lighting, and green screen.

I like drawing fantasy characters but most of them are Transformers.

And the theme is heroes vs villains.

Plus New York City has always been the number one battle field in history.

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