Lilac Scribbles

Welcome to the final edition of Scribbles for 2020!


The concept of magnetic vs non magnetic was introduced. The children used magnetic wands and a horseshoe magnet to experiment.


Previously we discussed primary colors - red, blue and yellow. Color mixing was introduced so the children could experiment with mixing primary colors to make secondary colors and more!

Three new geometric solids were introduced: rectangular prism, ovoid, cylinder

The monomial cube box was also introduced. This box contains 7 cubes that when manipulated correctly will form one cube, once placed back into the hinged box.

The large hexagon box was presented. It introduces parallelogram, rhombus and hexagon.


Now that some children have been given an introduction to the decimal system, they are shown the layout of numbers (symbols) from 1 to 9000. Next step will be to add the quantities.

In the Spirit of the Season

Lilac class was invited to participate in breaking a pinata.

Nicole, daughter of Mrs. Gomez (Maple class), entertained the class by playing Christmas music. We sang along and danced as she played some of our favorites!

Finally, on our last day together this year, we had breakfast surprise (silver dollar pancakes topped with strawberries, whipped topping and apple juice)! Thoroughly enjoyed by all!! We also invited the Mulberry class to join us.

Cheers to a holiday season filled with Peace, Joy and much Love!