David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Ithumba

Big babies having their milk.
Branches with bark to strip.
Lots to smell!
The light has made them a bit purple. I guess I'm glad they aren't pink elephants!
Rocks are good tools for a satisfying scratch.
Our room with a view.
Our fabulous boys!
We heard baby Gawa had been at the stockades. We hoped we would see her and our wish was granted!
When they first showed up they were hanging out in the rocks.
Then she took off on her own, heading for the water hole. She definitely thinks she's the princess!
Mom trailed after her, finally catching up.
Dick had a nice interlude with this wild boy while we were completely charmed by little Gawa.
Their trunks are fascinating.
It's easy to be big and scary when mom is nearby.
Reminding the keepers that she is a wild elephant!
She has been taking lessons on the advantages of rocks.
All done!
A bit more posturing for our benefit.
Back to orphans and other wild elephants.
Boys being boys.
First orphans to arrive for midday milk out in the bush.
Tsavo is very dry. During the dry season, however long it lasts, a water truck brings a tankful to this waterhole daily . The water holes at the stockades are also filled with water on a daily basis. Of course the wild elephants and other wildlife come to take advantage.
They just keep coming...
I think this is one of my fosters, Kamok. This group arrived with one of them screaming her head off. It sounded like bedlam. I asked a keeper what all the commotion was about. It was Kamok and she was very pissed because her friends left her behind. I wish I had the sound to add to the photo!
Still more arriving..
This poor guy is late in growing his tusks. They are now going to erupt and you can see how swollen the tissue around them are. Won't be long now before they finally emerge.
It was hot! Some stood under trees while others were in the water.
Who knew elephants could be so many colors...
Remember how red the mud at the nursery was? Definitely different here.
And some dusting..
Love the colors!
In what seemed too soon the elephants were ready to wander back into the bush.
And an empty waterhole...

There were many other sights to photograph so they can be on a separate page.

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Nancy Lewis

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