Final Log

So it has come to this. The Journey Log of all Journey Log's. In all honestly I couldn't be happier to be done with these things. They do serve as a great tool for reflection but in all seriousness the process of writing them has always been a dreaded experience for me. Ive spent many late nights fighting my writers block as I over thought the shit out of these things. So I will happily continue to conclude and wrap up this process for the last time.

After glancing over my past journey logs and marveling in their detail creativity and precision I quickly realized that I put a lot of time and effort into finalizing these masterpieces. If you haven't picked up on it yet I am very proud of them. Some themes that became apparent after reviewing my past assignments in order, revolved mostly around their structure. The beginning logs were more of a strict reflection and analysis of what we reviewed during class. As I continued I still tried to focus on topics that we were doing in class but my writing became less and less bounded. I believe this can partly be attributed to the fact that I switched specializations. Being a Ranger was a far worse job than I thought it would be going in. For me I was not a fan because it really caged my writing and made the process far more boring and long. Researching two topics we went over in class or reading and finding two sources to back them in the begging wasn't so bad. We were flying through loads of material and it was not extremely difficult to poke my head out and come up with some research. Yet, it was extremely uninteresting to me. No offense but much of the material we went over during the early days sucked and i'm not going to lie I didn't get much out of it because I was so uninterested. Deciding to be a warrior was the best gaming decision I made in this class. It allowed me to take creative twists that were previously restricted and the word count never seemed to bother me because my interest was somewhat peaked at times. The habits of mind still kind of sucked but it did add structure to my writing style.

So the question might be asked why on earth did we have to write these thing? I was asking this question to myself for the most part of the school year yet, I finally found my answer. So aside from thinking that these projects were only busy work and getting pissed off that my instructor took so damn long to grade them (I still like you Chris), in retrospect they were worth it. After reviewing my past work I realized that many of my project idea's stemmed from my journey logs. Especially when I switched to the warrior specialization. All of my past logs served almost as a brainstorm as to what I would later focus on in my raids. This was seen from defining a villain, my annotated bibliography to Minecraft builds. An example of this can be shown best through journey log 8 where I almost subconsciously planned out my whole villains sanctuary build in a late night brain storm. In fact much of my content seen in my villain essay was straight from my journey logs. So as much as the process sucked it did have a good purpose


Now on the topic of Minecraft. I really don't have much to say in reflection. All along I was relatively open and intrigued by the idea of tapping into my creative side in a curriculum that tends to be guarded. At first I guess I thought it was kind of stupid but I was never against it. Now after using it I loved the process. My favorite build had to be my villains sanctuary. I really got into that build and I think my castle really defined who my villain is, or at least I hope it did. Thank you for making this apart of your curriculum, I know that you went through hell with CCIT and from a students standpoint your efforts were worth it.

The Habits of mind. I hated these things and am very happy to never stare at the list of them ever again. They definitely added depth to my writing but were alway a pain to incorporate into my logs, especially as a warrior. Creativity would have to be my favorite. Not only was creativity probably the easiest to add into my writing but this class is based around creativity at it's core and really sums up what you have accomplished along with your students. What I realized is that Installing creativity into my work really makes a difference as I will continue to do so in the future. Responsibility has to be up there also. Making sure that I am fulfilling my duties as a writer and putting great effort into my work and connections. My responsibility was not always there this semester in terms as a writer. I picked up the pace a lot at end however and learned form my mistakes and plan to continue this trend. Openness. This is a habit of mind that I have definitely improved upon this semester in my writing. Being able to take unconventional idea's and establish them into my writing stile allowed me to become a better and more interesting writer. Hopefully I will not lose this without your guidance in the future. Lastly, persistence. For me this is becoming the best version of myself in terms of writing. Going the extra mile to support my points and relate to my reader. This is a very important writing skill that I look forward to sharpening in the future.

In conclusion I do think my overall writing has improved as seen from what I talked above. I believe that I have come a long way as a writer especially in this class, although I still have a long way to go. The most important thing that I have learned is that writing is not only black or white. I have the ability to put into my prompts what I want and by being myself my writing is only bettered.

ave defintily

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