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Week of February 27th- This week I started my woodworking project. I created my ruff draft and my final draft. Right now I've been working on my blog and my video. This week I want to gather materials and might start building.

Week of March 6th- This week I started gathering materials. I've started to create my visio n and how it should look like in the end. Currently I've been working on findings materials and my blog. Next week I want to start building the final product.

Week of March 13th- this week I worked on class assignments like the 3D design assignment. I've still been gathering materials because some wood is scerarce. Next week I'll should gather everything and maybe start to cut.

Week of April 21st- This week I found the materials I was going to use, which was PVC. I cut the pieces according to my sketch, and divided the tallest one (48 inches) by 1.618 to match the Golden Ratio. I then sanded my pieces, so they would be ready to paint.


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