Hockey By: nick ross

What sport is played on ice? If you guessed hockey you were right! Let's learn about there gear, lets investigate on how to build a backyard rink and let's see when hockey was made.

Hockey equipment

Hockey players wear interesting gear. First, they wear skates so that they can go on the ice otherwise they wouldn't be able to play. Another part of equipment they wear is helmets, gloves, shin guards, mouth guards and a hockey stick. They use the stick so they can skate with the puck and shoot the puck into the goal. They wear shin guards so that if they get hit by a puck in the knee they won't break their knee. Hockey players wear gear that can protect them.

Backyard hockey rink

It's interesting how to make a backyard rink. First, you need to get wood or boards to put around the rink. Next, you also need to get plastic so you can put it on the rink so it can freeze. It's also easier if you have a flat surface so it won't take that long for the ice to freeze. In order for the rink to freeze the temperature has to be in the 20s or lower. If it snows outside when the rink is frozen, you have to shovel it otherwise the rink could melt. A backyard rink can be created at home with the right materials.

When hockey was made

I am going to tell you when the first hockey league was made. First, it began in 1885 in Kingston, Ontario. Also, the first hockey game was played inside on a rink in Montreal. These are some interesting facts about when hockey was made.

Sidney Crosby

Hockey is an amazing sport. First, they wear interesting equipment, you can also build a backyard rink and hockey was made at a fascinating time. In conclusion, hockey has very interesting facts that you might not know.


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