Best Dressed: Formal 2020 By: Jane white and Callista mille

At this weekend's Secret Garden themed Winter Formal, the M-A bears brought their best. Ayer's Gym was decked out in floral themed decorations, and students wore various outstanding outfits. Leadership warned students about the breathalyzer policy around campus and on social media, which was supposedly meant to be implemented on each student attending the dance. However, it was only used on a few students throughout the night. Below are pictures of M-A students showing off their creative outfits.

The Glittery and Holographic outfits:

The student on the left wore a long sparkly dress with a necklace to complete the look. The student on the right accessorized her long red dress with a fanny pack and unique earrings.
The two students wore a mesh shirt (left) and sequined shirt (right) to go with their black pants.
Both went all out with their eye-catching makeup to enhance their dresses.
This student painted blue eyeliner to go with the dress, and added a bold red lip.
This mermaid dress made the student stand out from the crowd with its colorful shimmers.

Bold Outfits:

This couple matched their outfits by both wearing bright red.
These students dressed up in vibrant colors to stand out in the crowd.
This group of friends wore colorful and distinct blouses.
Three seniors dressed up in cheerful colors for the dance.

Patterned Outfits:

These freshman pose in their well-put together outfits and accessories.
This sophomore stuns the crowd with her original Japanese style dress.
Freshmen pose in elegant suits for the picture.
This student opts for a floral-themed dress to match the dance's theme.
This group of sophomores went for the elegant look for this dance.
These students wore a sparkly dress (left) and a floral dress (right).
This couple decided to dress up in dark tones, and added a pop of lipstick to accentuate the look (right).
This group of friends gladly pose for the picture before the dance.