Coaching The Get On Point™ Artist Development Method


We work with artists from developing the sound to the brand & business plan.

  • Production & Recording Coaching
  • Live Performance Coaching
  • Self-Management Coaching
“Michael has a great talent in helping artists find their voice, ability, and aptitude they never knew existed. He played a vital role in my personal exploration and development as an artist.” – Andrew Clements
Production & Recording Coaching
"Michael is fast, forward, and efficient. He cares about the well being and success of the people he works with." – Annie Becker
Live Performance Coaching

"Keeping music real and focusing the right emotional content to where it needs to be, sets Michael apart from many other people in the industry" – Cary Pratt

Dream Big

Are you achieving peak performance?

Have you created the legacy you want?

Have you achieved your dream career yet?

What are you waiting for?!

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Michael Fraser