How to choose an outfit By Hayley Schaefer

Step 1: Stare at the mess you have created around your room from throwing your clothes around.
Step 2: Find a shirt that you haven't worn before to switch it up
Step 3: Choose some pants. I like ripped skinny jeans.
Step 5: SHOES!!!
Step 6: Accessorize how you want. I like to wear flannels and add little to no jewelry.
Step 7: Take a mirror selfie and show off that cute outfit.
Created By
Hayley Schaefer


Created with images by Wokandapix - "clothing style fashion" • woodleywonderworks - "three rooms: daughter's bedroom," • Dakota_Starr - "These jeans could tell a story" • Eric, Eh? - "I have an odd love for flannel"

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